Can you get pregnant with a 9 day LP

Hi everyone

Just wondered if anyone knew if you can get pregnant with an LP of 9 days. I have read up on it and some say yes, some say no.

Does anyone know anyone who got pregnant with LP defect? I have a 28 day cycle and I ovulate on day 19.



  • YES

    when i was TTC there were quite a few ladies with LP of less than 10 days all now with babies image,

    a LP defect is classed as less than 9 days, although most gps dont account this as a problem

    so yes it is perfectly possible x

    good luck x
  • Thanks Piggypops. That's reassuring.

    Congratulations on your new arrival!

  • I did! I used to chart my cycles and do my temperatures and had long cycles with an 8/9 day luteal phase. I got pregnant in month 6 so it definitely can happen. good luck!
  • Hi

    I got pregnant on month 4 of TTC and my LP was only about 9/10 days. I ovulated on day 21 of the cycle I got pregnant. I used agnus castus and multi vitamins with B6 to try and lengthen my LP and got BFP the first month I tried this so may be worth a go

    Steph (14 weeks pregnant)
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