Feeling great

Hi girls

I know most people would love to feel great but I am sad that I do I just feel too good to be preg. I have had no belly cramps had no head ache no sickness no nothing. About 5dpo I had sharp pains in my boobs for one day only though I know this is a sign of coming off the pill.

I am on 8dpo and I just feel grea lots of engery been staying up till midnight and I am normally tired but 10-30pm so it's like I have gone the other way LOL

Just wishing for next friday to come now so I can do a test and just wait for AF to arrive.

K xx


  • awwwwww hun. Its not over til its over. In in the same boat as you except ive woke up this morning feeling quite queasy.
    It could just be because we have a long car journey today and im not keen
  • Thanks love its really upset me as i know i am not preg i just don;t feel it but still have to now wait anther week. I thought i would at least be feeling some kind of belly pain what with coming off the pill but nothing image

    I guess I will just have to try again next month xxxx
  • Hey, just hang in there kid. Not everyone is doubled over in pain and spewing their guts up lol. Just relax and see what happens. Lots and lots of luck for you and everything crossed.
  • Thank you babe :0)

    K xxx
  • K positive attitude please honey!!!!!! got all my fingers crossed 4 u xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • thank you sweetie xx
  • Hi,
    Dont write it off just yet. I didnt feel pregnant until 2 weeks ago when i began getting symptoms. I am currently 9wks & 4days.
    I felt fine until then and i naturally assumed i would just know and feel different but i didnt!x
  • Really??

    Thats soo good I only have sore nipples and about 5dpo I had sharp pains in my boobs mainly the left nipple. I don't even feel like I am coming on though I have 6 days before AF is due

  • I tested 5 days early and was shocked as it was positive as i just didnt feel pregnant. In fact i felt great. I had sore boobs but put that down to expecting AF which obviously never came!!!
    I was 7wk pg before i started getting any pg symptoms like sickness (which is now so bad that the doctor has signed me off sick for 2 wks), tiredness and really really sore boobs.

    Good Luck, when are you going to test?xx
  • Oh my god you poor hun the sickness must be horrid image Congrats you must be over the moon image

    I am too scared to test. I came off the pill and had my last pill bleed and then started trying so I did not have a natural bleed but I don;t even think I OV. I had a dull ache on my left hand side for about three days thr wed thursday and friday. We bd'd monday tuesday thursday friday and saturday.

    So if I go by 28 days cyc which I have to at this point I should be due on around the 30th so nice friday though I am too worried about testing LOL

    Can I ask did your boobs get bigger? Mine are 32 H so they are huge already?

  • I was a 34B but they started geeing bigger a couple of weeks ago. My hubbie thinks it looks like ive had implants, hahaha. They are now so sore I cant lay on my tummy when i sleep.
    I wont lie the sickness is dreadful and im sick everyday from morning to night.
    Went to docs and she is pretty sure its twins as im also to big for my dates which i now ar accurate as i only came off pill in Feb, had withdrawel bleed and then had 1 natural AF on 18th March then got my BFP on 22 April.
    I know i hadnt fallen the month before as i was doing tests that were all negative right up until my AF in March.

    Sounds like your doing everything right. I will keep my fingers crossed. I had been on pill for 12 yrs and we didnt have to wait long!x
  • This has made me feel so much better and on my god twins wow image you must be so happy!!!!

    Maybe I should of had a natural bleed before trying but I could not help myself. I was on the micro 30 pill for just under 2 years so I am really hoping it wont take us so long. It's hard trying to work out OV though. I really am not sure I did as I never got EWCM.

  • I didnt deliberatly wait. I came off pill and we started trying straight away. I was just to excited!!!!
    I started testing every few days once 28 days had passed as i didnt know how long my cycle was going to be and my 1st natural AF arrived after 41 days.
    The following month i was pg so even if it doesnt happen this month dont get to disheartened as it might just be next month.

    I will keep my fingers crossed that this is your month.xx
  • I could never work out ov. I saw that i had clearly stretchy cm and then just bd as much as we could around that time.x
  • Thank you , you have really really cheered me up image congrats again on your maybe twins image keep us informed with how it all goes image I am so excited for you

    K xxx
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