Sad news

Hi ladies,

I think Ii'm joining ye again as i've lost my little bean. AF started yesterday evening and I'm utterly devastated. I haven't slept all night and am still in tears as we wanted it so badly and it hurts so much (i know it sounds like I'm over reacting but it is just the way i feel).

To make matters worse my SIL rang and announced she is pregnant again (her little one is only 3 months old) and i was and still am soooo happy for her but it was after i got that phone call that i went to the toilet and found out i was bleeding.

Hubbie says its ok we'll try again this month but I'm not sure what to do a i don't want to feel this way again.



  • Oh gosh Missy Moo,

    I am gatecrashing but your post popped up and I just wanted to send you my love, I cant imagine what you must be feeling right that but wanted to say be strong. Your not overreacting at all, anyone human would feel totally the same.

    Hope you are okay and dont mind me messaging you.

    Loads of love and hugs

  • no not checked with doc had an appointment for today but it was canceled. how can she check?

  • sorry to hear your news, like the girls say tho its worth going to the docs as some people do bleed oin early pregnancy. i can imagine it is difficult the thought of ttc again, its important you wait till you feel ready, take care xx
  • awwww hun im so sorry, hope your feeling better soon xxxxxxx
  • Good morning, so sorry to hear about this experience for you BUT you must go and get checked out - I would personally go down to the hospital and tell them what has happened. I had periods for a few months when I was pregnant with DD and I know a lot of people who have had AF's too while pregnant.
    Please keep us posted if you feel able to xxxx
  • just went to my doc and she refered me to the EPU on wednesday but she said its very likely i MC.

    Thanks for making me go, i feel better knowing that i am getting checked out.
  • missy moo I hope it turns out so be OK, can't imagine what you are going through.
    (((hugs))) xxx
  • Sorry about what is happening to you, Missy Moo. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  • So sorry missy moo hope you and your husband are keeping strong. I always think its better to happen earlier rather than later if its not a very strong bean but it must still be heartbreaking.


    H x x x
  • well dont lose all hope honey- that happened to me with baby number one- i kept bleeding till about 8 or 10 weeks in the end and he hung on in there!! hope all is well and take care xxxxxxxxx
  • really sorry, hope everything works out ok xx
  • Oh hun, am so so sorry hope you are ok and that in time you feel you can try again.

    Am keeping my fingers crossed for you for wed xx
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