Should i temp??

Hi Everyone,

I am currently using a CBFM while TTC (on month 2 now) and was just wondering is it a good idea to chart my temp also or should i just stick with the CBFM??? I have been TTC for 14 months but kinda "started again" when i started using the CBFM.

I feel like i will NEVER get the BFP i so long for but just wondered whether temping could be a good idea or could just create more of an obsession?

Advice please image

Tink xx


  • I'm going to start using a cbfm next month for the first time, but think I'll carry on temping just so I know things are still happening as they should. Plus I'm a bit of a control freak and like to know what's going on for piece of mind.

    How about you temp every other day or so until you're close to ov and then temp every day?
  • dont think it would do any harm. althoug i obviosly dont like af coming i do like that i get that warning when temp
  • i temped whilst using the monitor to be sure the peaks where right and as my cycles were long that i hadnt missed it x
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