Convinced that grapefruit juice is working......

Evening ladies,

Well as the title says, I've been having a large glass of grapefruit juice for the last week or so and I'm finding a real change in the texture of my CM (sorry for the TMI!).

So ladies.....give it a go! Am also doing SMEP for the 2nd month so fingers crossed this is my month.

Good luck and babydust to you all too

xxx ;\)


  • oooh i wondered what it did, i kept hearing people talk about it!!!
  • I was wondering too!! So does it improve sperm-friendly CM or something then? x
  • I really dont like grapefruit juice, but i could get to like it lol
  • Ruthiespoon - yes it's supposed to help with EWCM around OV.
    Sarahl80- I hate grapefruit juice but I'll go to any lengths to get my BFP!
    Good luck with it girlies xx
  • Well off to Tesco for me then!!!! LOL
  • Me too Donnat, think I would drink rats pee if i knew it was a def way of getting a bfp lol (ok maybe not!). Have currently got my peak but if i dont get a bfp this month then straight on the grapefruit next cycle!! x
  • Good luck then Sarah, got my fingers crossed for you. I am due to OV mid-end next week so I will continue to drink the 'horrid' stuff til then! xx
  • Oooh, in that case, I'll be picking up some cartons tomorrow! Thanks donnat x x
  • Thank you hun, really hope we have done it this month, altho due my 2nd peak tomorrow! Good luck to you too, I wouldn't want us all to drink that vile stuff for very long!! x
  • Sounds great.I just googled it and it's something to to with thinning the cervical mucas so the sperm can get through more easily!
  • hi hun, i tried it last month and went yesterday to get some for this month. i buy the tropicana golden grapefuit a lot more palatable than the i think it def makes a
  • hey there, i drank lots of grapefruit juice the month i got my BFP, good luck to you !! xx
  • congrats rubarb, fingers crossed it'llwork for us all lovely ladies too xxx
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