Cycles after coil removal?


Having had years of trying injections and pills and having almost continuous bleeding or nothing I had a coil fitted and immediately I had dead on 28 day cycles every month-without fail!

This is first month of TTC and AF due 22nd-no sign

I tested on 22nd and BFN-its now 27th and still nothing

I don't really want to get into obsessive testing because I know how distraught I will get-first one really effected me badly which I never expected as didn't think I'd be lucky first month

My question is has anyone experienced or heard of anyone's cycles being affected by removal of coil?

Thanks X



  • sorry for gatecrashing this forum, i'm 38 weeks with first baby and i also had the coil before ttc, my periods were always 28 days with the coil although they'd only last a day and weren't very heavy.

    When i had my coil removed in March last year i was still regular at 28-30 days although they were a lot heavier, me and hubby decided to start ttc in May and fell that month, all i did from march to may is count days in cycle and used an ovulation calendar so might be an idea to chart your cycle for a few months and use one of these as it worked for us becasue your cycle could be slightly out due to only just having the coil removed.

    Good luck to you all ttc and lots of baby dust to you all too x x
  • Did you have the mirena coil or a copper coil? Mirena can as they do contain hormones but a copper shouldn't significantly.
    I had my copper coil removed in Nov and started trying straight away - first month I had quite an odd period at 30 days - only lasted 24 hours and only heavy for the first 3-4 - when I had the coil in they lasted 3-4 days. I seem to have fallen pregnant on my second month although I'm only 6+1 at the moment.
    I think I have been really lucky as there can be a bit of a delay in return of normal fertility after having it removed depending on how long you had the coil - but should take less time then coming off long term pill use.
    I think charting a few cycles to work out ovulation etc is a good idea to give you something to work at to time BDing etc.
    If your period doesn't arrive in a week then might be best to POAS again - but I do understand your reluctance to do it too frequently. Have you tested again since the 22nd? Just not all positives show up straight away.
    Good luck trying - I'm sure things will sort themselves out very soon.

  • thanks for the replies

    I had a Gynefix so not sure which category that falls in to???:\?

    I spoke to the doctor for quite a long time about getting pregnant and she never mentioned anything about periods not being back to normal and even said that I may not have another one (she was the coil specialist so guess she would know)

    I haven't tested again-5 days now since test

    maybe its just a funny cycle-just have to wait I guess:\(
  • Hi Sophy,

    I had the mirena coil put in after the birth of my daughter in april 2006. I had 28/29 day cycles but were very light. I had it removed sept last year and started ttc a month later. My first period was a week early so only 21days then the next once we were ttc was 33days then 41day and my latest one was only 25days long so mine are totally messed up and as you must have guessed we havent concieved yet. This is taking a lot longer than i thought.
    Try not to get your hopes up by thinking you could be pg because your late. In december my af arrived 8days later than I expected and had loads of pg symptoms and was really disappointed when it arrived. What I do now is totally forget about ttc once ov has happened so that im not excited when my period is late.
    good luck hope you get ur bfp soon x
  • Gynefix is a copper coil so it shouldn't interrupt your cycle - it is only the mirena that contains progesterone.
    However sometimes it is the change in circumstances that makes your period late ie the 'stress' effect.
    I think the doctor meant that it is perfectly possible to fall pregnant the first month after coil removal so you wouldn't get a period but the chance is still only 20% really.
    I would test again in a few days if no AF cos that would definatley be one explanation!!!
    Good luck again!
  • Hey there,

    I'm having a few problems after having my copper coil taken out 5 weeks ago. I had a couple of days of light AF visitation a few days prior to having it removed then a horrible week when AF wouldn't leave. lol I'm now overdue her stay by 10 days if I calculate her light stay before the coil was taken out or a week from the date of my docs appointment. I got the whole sore boobs, sharp pains inside, dragging womb feeling, been dry heaving for last four days and I look twice the size as normal with my bloating. I've done three tests since AF due date and nothing, zip nada. All negative. So I'm off to the docs in the morning for a blood test. As much as I hate Aunt Flow visiting, al least her showing up would sort my cycle out again.

  • I'm at my wits end!  Had copper coil taken out on 18 Aug really got my hopes up that I would be fertile a.s.a.p.  Been using ovulation kits and last month was the first time they showed a positive result and despite doing the deed on "danger day" I'm not pregnant - Aunty Jeannie arrived yesterday image  I had the coil fitted in November 2010 and my last period was January 2011!  It was bliss not having had any periods all this time but now I'm worried that I'm not fertile.  I was 39 in September and would really like another baby before I'm 40 in Sept 2013.  Away to start another month of ovulation testing every two days to try and catch "danger day".  Anyone been in the same boat recently?  xx

  • Hi,tension is building up and me and my husband are getting worried that we may not have another baby. i got my copper coil removed on 12th nov,2012,my cycle used to be 28 days before the coil was inserted,now my cylce is 32 days! i want to get pregnant! its 2 months now and theres nothing. should i be worried? will i get pregnant soon? am only 30 years!

  • hi, im 20 years old and only had the coil in for four months. me and my fiance want to try for a baby but i am affraid it will hurt getting it taken out. and how long wil it take for me to get pregnant?.

  • Hi im 35 and had the mirena coil for 5 years without any problems then had another fitted for 2 years but had to have it removed because it no longer agreed with me. The removal was march 2011 & i have been trying to conceive for 11 months but no luck image Could this be because of the coil? My gp won't do anything until after 12 months, i know im only 1 month off but i was wondering if anyone else has had problems? Thank you
  • Hi im 35 and had the mirena coilfor 5 years without any problems then had another fitted for 2 years but had to have it removed because it no longer agreed with me. The removal was march 2012 & i have been trying to conceive for 11 months but no luck Could this be because of the coil? My gp won't do anything until after 12 months, i know im only 1 month off but i was wondering if anyone else has had problems? Thank you
  • hi i had marina coil removed in jan stopped bleading 2nd now dont know how to think about mixed answers , trying to use the ovulation calander but dont no ir my blead was cuz had coil removed was bleadin befroe it got removed x

  • Hi all, I am 33 yrs old and I had the mirena coil removed last Wednesday 10th of April. I had the coil fitted last August but prior to that I had one in for 6 years.  Throughout all that time I never had a period so as you can imagine I have no idea where I am in my cycle.  I know before the coil I had a 28 day cycle and it was as regular as clockwork.  Yesterday (Sunday the 14th of April) I had a very light bleed, it was only there when I wiped.  Not as light 2day but by no means heavy.  Has this happened to anyone before?..Do u think it could be AF?..Any advice would be greatly appreciated. xx
  • Had coil removed on 20th may my period came on schedule 28 days later, but only 2 days bleeding, Ian's negitive test, this month my period came 4 days light and only for one day and not very heavy but still a negitive test feeling deflated image anyone else experienced this ? Any advise ? 

  • Hi all can anyone help me pls.......I had my copper coil removed the 29th November 2013 it's now Jan n I still havnt had a period iv done two test and there were both neg has this happened to anyone else or just me? Me and my partner want to start trying g for a baby in March but now I'm worried image

  • Hi Sammied,

    I'm in the exact same boat Hun, had my copper coil in for 5 years and due to the fact I was having no gaps between my cycles my doctor advised having it removed. I did this on the 2/1/14 since then no period at all. before that i was every 28 days! My last cycle was 16/12/13 so I'm nearly 3 weeks late. I had been having unprotected sex on the weeks and days leading up to having my coil removed and ever since. I've had sickness, bloating, heartburn, sore boobs, cramping you name it but numerous negative pregnancy tests? So confused and worried any advice welcomed xx
  • I had my marina removed in december had my period was disappointed then continued with my conception pills hoping to get pregnant January but no luck now hoping February will bring good news wish me luck and l wish you all the best to all who are trying for a baby
  • Hi I had my marenia removed almost 5 weeks ago I had light bleeding 4 days later that lasted 5 days I don't know if it wa my af or just bleeding due to the removal Iv had the coil for 6 yrs altogether before the coil my cycle was 28 days like clockwork if my cycle I took a test yesterday and bfn going by a 28 day cycle im due my af today but it's 9 pm now and sign im wondering am I on a longer cycle over the coil any advice would be much aprecated image
  • Hi everyone,

    I had the mirena in for 3 months in this year and had to get it out as my mood dipped and i had tummy pains all the time and was exhausted.  I got it out at the end of April and had a faith period 6 weeks later, however although my mood is great again i continue to feel sore and bloated etc.

    I have spoke to an acupuncturist and she says that acupuncture will bring periods back to normal as well as rebalance the hormanes, there are also a few herbal remedies taht are good for rebalancing hormones.   I got treated with neurolink and had a period about a week later so this might also be worth a try but acupuncure is quicker and cheaper and is recommended for fertility stuff! 

    Also as far as i know you can get pregnant without having periods so keep the faith girls!  Hope you all get preggers soon!



  • Looking for help!

    So I had copper coil removed 8 weeks ago. Partner works away 28 days away 28 days home ttc not getting very far!

    I had copper coil removed whilst on my period then got my next one 2 days late then following month 3 days early! Since having the coil removed I am not exactly 28 days I know is only been a couple of months but still concerned about this.

    Got pregnant on the pill with my first child now seems it's hard to conceive!

    Light periods only lasting a few days and dark brown discharge for 2-3 of the days! 2 days before a bit of blood then 1 day after 2 days of blood sorry if tmi! Not sure what's going on. Anyone with copper coil issues after removal please respond anything to know this isn't me. Sexual health claim because it's copper wouldn't effect cycle and should become fertile on removal!x
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