CB Digital??


Has anyone ever had a BFN on a CB Digital and then got a BFP after??

Think I'm clutching at straws!!!!



  • Hi Emerald, not had this personally (never had a bfp image) but I remember reading that clearblue digitals are not that sensitive so you might still be in with a chance. Think first response are more sensitive but not sure. Hopefully someone else can be more help than me!
    M x
  • Hiya - before my miscarriage I tested BFN on a CBD on a Sunday, the next day, Monday, I tested positive on a First Response and CBD

    Good luck!
  • Thank you for giving me some hope but I m so sorry to hear of your loss. I've got my DH out buyin different tests at the minute. Told him to get First Response or tesco own brand. You don't have to answer if its difficult to talk about but when in relation to your AF did you test?

  • Hi Em

    I was 13DPO when I got my positive - but 3/4-days late for AF as my cycles are quite short.

    Good luck - keeping my fingers, toes and legs crossed (as I'm a bit scared of getting pregnant again at the moment!)

    Joo xxx
  • Hi Emerald, yes (also before mc) I tested bfn with a CBD on the Tuesday and the next day I got a v faint positive on first response, on the Sat I tested with the other CBD and gor bfp so a few days can make a difference!
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