Hiya hope everyone is doing ok,

I had an erpc nearly 5 weeks ago now, was expecting quite a bit of bleeding but nothing really. Started to ttc straight away, well over the last week or so ive been getting a very pale pink and brownish discharge ( sorry if that is too much info, dont know how else to explain it!!), havent had a af really since 1st march.

I suppose i just want to be pg again.

Just wondered if anyone else has had this and what it is really.

Amber xx xx

ps has anyone been watching neighbours, it really brought things back to me, the scan and everything, guess my emotions are all over the place still!!!


  • hi amber, good to hear from you.

    do you know if you have ov'd?
    if so, the discharge could be implantation... just a thought.

    i had my erpc nearly 7 weeks ago now, i bled for 1 week properly, then slight spotting for a further week. as soon as it stopped i had ewcm (2 weeks after erpc) so i figured i could have ov'd, then i had AF 2 weeks after that (so all in all, AF came 4 weeks to the day after my ERPC). what i'm trying to show is that my cycles went back to normal straight away which was a surprise for me, so there stands a change you could have ov'd and that you could be pg.
    Frankie has just got a bfp and she had an ERPC about the same time as you i think?

    i hope you get a bfp soon - as i said to frankie us december girlies need some good luck!

    big hugs xxx

    ps i watched neighbours last week - so sad. i really felt for her even though i know it isn't real. i wanted to cry as i felt it all.
  • It just brings it all back doesnt it xx thanks for your advice, guess will just have to wait and see what happens, just havent really bled at all.
    your right we do need some luck xx hope your doing ok.
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