I am pregnant or is it just hormones????


Ive been on the pill for about 8 years but came off it in January. My cycle has been about every 5 weeks but i haven't come on my period this month!
We are trying for a baby but ive done 2 pregnncy tests already which have both been negative. My nipples are sore, which i don't normally have but otherwise i feel fine. Im really hungry but i get hungry around the time i'm due on.
If the pregnancy test said negative then i can't be pregnant but i'm so puzzled about why its late and why my nipples are sore. Can anybody help me?
We had intercourse last night which normally brings on my period but nothing happened.
Ive had stomach ache mainly all of last week but no period..........



  • maybe wait a little longer as if its not long after you conceived there might not be enough of the hormone for the preg test to pick up. have you tried a first resonse or clear blue??they sometimes abit more sensitive! are you normally regular?? how late are you??
  • Thanks for your reply!

    Well as ive been having 5 week cycles i should have come on my period last Sun/Mon but still nothing!
    Apart from last night the last time we had sex was Thur 27th May and all of that week which is when my fertile days were meant to be!!!
    Ive used a first response and a test from asda but all tests are suppose to be ccurate these days!
    Surely if i was pregnant it would show up by now?????

  • dependa when you fell hun id give it a few more days then test again. some people have luck with more sensitive tests as they pick it up earlier thats why i asked but id just give it a bit longer and test again fingers crossed for you and lots of baby dust coming your way keep us all posted!!! xxxx
  • Thanks xxxxx
  • Thanks xxxxx
  • Good Luck and i hope that its just too early to tell.
    Keep positive xxx
  • Hi
    I came off the pill last May and my cycles were every four weeks for a few months and then I didn't have one for 7 weeks. I was convinced I was pregnant, had loads of symptoms. Even though I kept having negative tests my doctor said I was more than likely pregnant. Unfortunately my af came and I was really disappointed. My periods are still over the place now and it's so frustrating. I was on the pill for nearly 11 years and I told my doctor the other day that my periods are all over the place; he told me to patient!! Thanks lol!!
    Anyway good luck and hope you get a bfp x
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