I tested and...

... it was another BFN :cry: AF was due yesterday and I got a BFN from First Response on Saturday. I ran out to the supermarket at lunchtime today as every tummy niggle was doing my head in. I bought the Predictor kit (the one that only gives an answer from day AF is due) and it took ages for the test line to come up. So I still feel in limbo until AF rears her head and am still having mild cramps that have been around since last week. I still have one First Response test left and will use it if AF doesn't arrive by end of week. But I really think I'm out of the game this month. Onto month seven and starting to feel really pissed off with the whole thing :\(


  • Oh sorry to hear that WEEGIE, you know what we all say though. It's not over until af arrives! Hope she doesn't find you, and you get some PMA back. Good luck. xx
  • hiya. mithical right it not over till af arrives. whe i as expecting lo i done a test on predictor 2 days after af was due. got bfn and then 4 days later i did test on cb and was positive.xx
  • Thanks mithical - isn't it funny that you buy a test to answer things once and for all and when you get a BFN you think of all the reasons why this might be rather than the obvious - I'm not pregnant? Like I always think I tested to early, the test was cheap, I didn't pee straight (!) etc, etc.

    Yep, I officially need to join TTC anonymous!

  • Ooh - Angielisa - now you've got my hopes up!
  • Oh babe , listen you don;t know that your not yet, we just have to wait for your AF to show up first before we know that.

    I know it is hard's but try and stay strong, here have some of my PMA *******

    K xx


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