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not this time

hi everyone did u all have a good weekend it has been pritty shit for me as my nan was taken in to hospitel and dont think she will make it any way back to the baby think i dont think it has happed this month as i can fell my pirioed coming it should come on saturday so will keep u all updated.


  • oh no hun i'm so sorry to hear about your nan. i hope you have lots of support.

    with regards to ttc, it isn't over yet hun, you never know until AF arrives.

    i am thinking of you, big hugs xx
  • Sorry to hear that hun. I know how you must feel - my mum got rushed into hospital with kidney failure on my birthday in March and the hospital gave her 24hrs - it was sooo frightening xx Thankfully she pulled through. I hope she is ok - and we are always here for you xx

    As mrs-e says it isn't over until she arrives. She found me today so I will try and keep her distracted from you xx
  • thank you every one it means alot i hope she dosent find me lol x
  • Oh cookie, sorry to hear about your nan. I hope it isn't as bad as everyone thinks. We're here if you need us. xx
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