Scan Day - UPDATE

Hi girls,
Well the day has finally arrived for me to go for my scan. 3:10pm today i'll be there. Feeling very nervous becasue i'm scared they're gonna tell me something i don't wanna here but on the other hand i'm very excited becasue if all goes to plan they'll give me some tablets to get me ov and my BFP might be just round the corner.
Writing this has made me even more scared and excited now.
As soon as i get home i'll let you know the outcome if anyone is interested!!

Well just got back from hospital.
Had an internal scan, basically i have got multiple cysts on both ovaries. He counted at least 20 or 30 on each. He won't prescribe Clomid yet becasue of high risk of multiple babies. I have to wait for him to send letter to GP (1-2 weeks) and then he will prescible metha (something or other) which should induce ov and af. Once af has come have blood tests on day 21 of cycle which will tell them whether i have ov. Then go back to consultant in 3 MONTHS time.
I feel like this is never ending. Why does everything take so bloody long. God only knows why it takes him 2 weeks to write a letter to the GP, he could have done that while i waited.
I am now feeling really low and depressed and want to cry. image image
Feel like i'm never gonna get pregnant. Sorry feeling really sorry for myself now!!

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