Warning TMI

Does any1 else suffer with really bad trapped wind and bloating?!

I've been really bad over the last couple of weeks now i know its my own fault but i'm sorry i just can't let rip and they end up building up and its so uncomfortable i could cry!?

I had started wondering whether this and the bloating could be anything to do with a lack of af but i think that might be a long stretch?!

Does any1 have any great ideas to stop it hurting other than walking around trumping...i've tried taking windeze.......



  • I get it really bad when I've been sat down a long time (usually on long flights where you can't just let rip!!!) I'm not the most regular person for going to the loo it's usually every 2/3 days (sorry tmi!) so I know that's half the problem, I take senakot now that really helps with the bloating as well as keeping me 'regular'! Also somebody on here sorry can't remember who suggested I take something called Acidopholous for something totally different (stopping thrush while on antibiotics) but I found it really really helped with my digestive system and stops bloatedness so this might be worth looking at! xx
  • thanks honey i'll have a look out for both of those. i'm regular *blushes* so i know its not that its just so uncomfortable. x
  • you can get them from health food shops, my cousin has ulcerative colitis and has been trying out some alternative therapies and she has been recommended it as well for her digestive system so there most be something there! Good luck xx
  • hey lilac. i suffer from very bad bloating with IBS - part of mine can be to do with not being that "regular" but sometimes it is just random. i usually find a hot water can help, as can lying in a very strange position (i move into all sorts of positions until i feel comfortable!). peppermint is good as well
  • I get IBS too and similar symptoms with it - peppermint tea or peppermint capsules are really good as they relieve the trapped wind. If you were considering peppersmint capsules check with pharmacy if they are safe whilst ttc, but peppermint would be fine as it is completely natural!. I always drink this and hot water bottle too! Just to relieve the uncomfortableness xx
  • thanks for all ur advise i'm going to go hunting for all of the above desperatly need something to ease the discomfort!!!xxxx
  • I second the peppermint tea, I find it really helps. I also find certain foods make it much much worse, like that yummy fresh pasta (the little parcels with diff fillings) which I unfortunately love... :\(
  • potatoe makes hubby fart like a mad man so that could help you get rid of the build up,so to speak! movicol will help you go regualar.not sure if it prescription only tho,just add it to a glass of water,drink and your well away,lol
  • thanks again. bit worried about this stuff making me regular as i already am sorry tmi but i go once a day cause other wise the trapped wind gets awful!!!!
    *blushes* god i'm so ebaressed!
  • Hi lilac, I get pretty bad bloating & trapped wind too, but I've found that drinking one of those muller vitality yoghurt drinks with my breakfast and eating a danone activia yoghurt after lunch really help, as they've both got those "good" bacteria in that help your digestive system.

    When mine gets really painful though I take a remegel wind relief tablet, which works pretty quickly (I find these better than the windeze ones), and if I've run out of those I find lying on the floor on my stomach makes it a loss less uncomfortable!!!

    Hope this helps, Caroline xxx
  • thanks caroline i'll get some of those drinks and yoghurts and see if that helps! it just seems to have got a lot worst since i changed my diet......obviousley eating healthly is bad 4 me....back to the ice buns i think!!!
  • Oh yes...I can sympathise with this one. It was so bad a few weeks ago I had to have a day off work. I was sat at my desk about to explode but of course couldnt (could have been rather embaressing!). The next day I just stayed home so I could let it out as much as I wanted because if I dont let it out it hurts soooooo much!
  • Hi Jenna,

    It was me that recommended the Acidopholus (sp?) from Holland & Barratt (or healthfood store).

    Bascially it is concentrated good bacteria that regulates all the bad stuff that causes digestive problems, it's not expensive but really works and it better than just the Actimel type yoghurts and drinks.

    That should really help your body to balance itself so you don't have any more discomfort.

  • thank you mrs jules & every1 i shall be stocking up on all ur suggestions at the weekend! just gotta pray that the trapped wind doesn't turn to real wind- especially at the office!!! xxxx
  • Yes it was Mrsjules that recommended the acidopholous to me I remember now!! They are marvellours thanks Mrs Jules! xx
  • Or you could try aloe vera juice, you can buy a big bottle of it from holland and barrett and just add it to some fruit juice or a glass of water. It helps your digestive system and stops bloating, I used to take it for my IBS and it helped loads. Either that or peppermint capsules/tea/drops - also from holland and barrett. The peppermint tea has to be fresh or dried peppermint though, none of the crap that twinings do cos all the goodness has been taken out of it.

    If you're eating too much green veg this will cause terrible wind so you might need to cut down. Also sugar can cause it and obviously spicy food, it all upsets your digestive system and the good/bad bacteria balance.

    I really hope you find something that works as I know how extremely painful and uncomfortable this can be!


  • Oh and I also used to get really bad wind just before af was about to rear her ugly head! Maybe it's a sign she's on her way!
  • thank tequilla i've been getting pretty constant for the last month so if its af she' taking her time!!!!

    God i'm gonna be holland and barrets favourite customer at this rate!!!

    I'm not eating a lot of sugar or spicy foods particulry but i salads have increased two fold i'm either having salad for lunch and dinner but in differnt forms- so could this be whats causing it?
  • I found a glass of warm water with a sqeeze of lemon 1st thing in the morning helped. Also the peppermint tea is brilliant & any of those probiotic yoghurt drinks coz they all aid digestion. Another thing that works well is Aloe Vera juice but it doesnt taste too pleasant so you need to mix it with something else but it works.

    Could it be something that you are eating. I know I darent drink apple juice or I would have to come with a health warning!!!! & if I ate too much wheat I would be really bloated & uncomfortable.

    Hope youre feeling a bit better soon x
  • It could be that hun, if you've increased the amount of veg you're eating your body might not be used to it so it's gone in to shock so to speak.

    If you speak to one of the ladies (or men) in H&B they're pretty helpful and will be able to advise you the best thing to take, there's no point in spending a fortune on lots of different products at once. Maybe try one thing for a few days and if that doesn't work try something else.

    Hope you feel better soon xxx
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