Ovulation Kits to staged?

Hi I am looking to come off the pill in Nov, are ovulation kits too staged or do you think it is best to just let nature take its course?


  • I preferred to conceive by bding when we wanted to rather than because a kit told me too. I got pg after a few months but think that i probably would have got a kit if I'd have been waiting longer.
  • I would suggest letting nature take its course and if it starts taking a while then move onto other options like ov kits.
  • I totally agree with the other ladies, let nature do its thing but if nothing happens after a few months then give them a go! good luck xxxx
  • I've used them in previous months and they can add to the stress after a few cycles of using them. It makes bd a bit forced when it should be fun. I'm trying my best not to rely on them this month and will just bd everyother day to dh's delight lol.
  • no need for them really, but you have to make sure you're bding every other day or you could miss ov. We use them coz hubby would be knackered if he had to keep that up for a whole month!!!! and then we can do every day at ov time just to make sure there are millions of spermies!!!!!
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