I'm back but AF found me in the meantime - boo!

Hi girls,

After a week or so not being able to get on here I am back! Unfortunately the witch found me last Thursday, five days early! I have no idea what my cycles are doing, they seem to range from 24 days to 30 days so I can never have any idea of when I'm oving. Oh well, just must keep bding more!

How is everyone?




  • Oh, sorry to hear that, how annoying.
    I'm good thanks - cd25 and I'm working on the 32 day cycle I had last month. Pretty sure we haven't done it this month, which might be for the best as we're moving on monday and I will be lugging heavy stuff all over the place.

  • hiya. sorry she found you. we are on cd15 i think hard to tell coz it my first month off pill but we bdancing anyways just in case.lol. hope you get you bfp soon.xxx
  • Sorry to hear she found you babe and welcome back image

    I am all good on CD8 and should be OVing on the cd15 the 15th July. I feel very relaxed about the whole thing to be honest with you and not as obsessed as I started to feel.

    K xx
  • oh honey sorry she got u!

    I never know when or if i ov so go with the bd in numbers and catch the little egg unawares!!!
    Good luck and babydust!! xxx
  • Sorry she got you - she found me yesterday!! I have now had a 40 and 48 day cycle - nightmare!

    Great to see you back though xx
  • oh no! sorry to hear she found you. welcome back though.
    good luck for the coming month, lots of babydust xx
  • Hi, sorry she found you. xx
  • Sorry shes found you but its nice to have you back. Good luck for this month.xxx
  • sorry to hear that she found you but hopefully this is your month and good luck x
  • Welcome back,sorry the witch found you! I'm due to test on Sunday if af hasn't shown.x
  • Thanks girls! Only just back on again since the other day. Having a nightmare with work etc. Am waiting for broadband to be fitted at home so that I can come and visit you all but in the meantime it will be sparadic.

    Am feeling more relaxed this month for some reason. We bd'd on Tuesday and it was so nice to do it for the fun of it, knowing that there was no way I'd be oving. Think it made DH feel a lot better about things too.

    Keep up the good work ladies!


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