Hi I'm Back from hols with a BFN : (

Hi Ladies, Well I flew all the way to Spain for my 2ww and the old hag found me 4 days early :roll: so not only am i not pg i had to deal with af in a portaloo on the beach!! what a bitch!

It was my last month of trying before i could go back to the docs, he said he would refer me after another 3 months so I've booked an appt for tomorrow morning...

Congrats to any bfp's in the last couple of weeks.

How are you all doing ? Any news ?

Maxi xxx


  • oh no, sorry to hear that your out...*awful visions of beach portaloo's..never the nicest of places!
  • so sorry af came hun, good luck next time dont give up!!! hugs xxx
  • oh no sorry hun. well done dealing with AF in a portaloo though - i hope you left her there image
    hope this is the month for you xx
  • Thanks ladies yep it wasn't a pleasant experience!
    Yes mrs_e i tied AF up and left her in the portaloo so we all get a bfp this month!!(if only it was true)xx
    Maxi xxx
  • How rude of her to spoil your hols like that! And she wonders why we all hate her so much?!

    Best of luck at your appt hun, hope they get things moving for you x
  • Thanks bb4, I'm feeling a bit 'scared'of going to the docs tomorrow.
    I think it means sooo much to me now that if he dismisses it again i don't know what i'll do.
    I'm not the type to bawl in the surgery, i'll just wait til i get home and come on here!!
    Maxi xxx
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