fa booey

heya booey, havent seen a post from u for a while, unless i just missed one? what happened in the end? i no u went to docs for bloods and came back neg, then i saw u got another faint line on pg test? how r u ? whats going on now? r u ok? r u testing for ov? xxxx


  • hiya mrsme...
    yeh got a faint line and another...so am waiting for period now due on 12 aug i think...am feeling bit under weather at mo image ....feel exhausted...not been testing much for ovulation tbh...waiting for my cbfm to be delivered...u kinda get disheartened sometimes image .....with pink faint lines, then none, then one lol...how r u chick? alot of BFP's around which is fab! xxx
  • awwww so thats stil good... i think lol. yes lots flying about atm. i hope its catching! lol. good luck with cbfm. im great ta, waiting for af, got neg pg test on sat. so see what happens i spose xxxx
  • well good luck Mrs me x X keep up updated. . Im sure i Will start to symptoms spot very soon lol x X. . I feel kilo for last two days i have been feeling very tired more than normal. . Like Im struggle with everyday things i feel so tired its making me nausea! Keep putting my head on desk at work! X X
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