Travel insurance?

Hello all,

Was just wondering whether anyone can advise on some good travel insurance that would cover pregnancy?

We have been invited to Canada next April for a wedding and have said yes, but now just wondering how to get insurance. It is a bit presumptuous, but am not pregnant yet, but the thought is I could be by that time. Have checked with the airline and they will let you travel up to 32 weeks, but I can't find any travel insurance that will cover you past 20 weeks...any ideas?

I know I may not need it, but I may (or I might have a 6 week old by then! Fingers crossed anyhoo!) but I would rather been covered!



  • I think the post office covers you longer than 20 weeks.xx
  • when i was preg last time round we went abroad when i was 16weeks. norwich union covered me up to
  • LloydsTSB travel insurance covers you up to 28 weeks! I had to check this out as we are going to NYC at christmas and we have an annual insurance policy through our account with them.

  • Good good, thanks girls,

    Have looked into a few, will let you know how I get on!

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