AGNUS CASTUS - I need your opinion

.....right, so i've been told by mum doctor to stop taking AC, as it could interfere with conception (she thinks anything in body, including herbal is not good)
anyway, having had a lok on good old google, i have seen SO many stories of people who's AF hadnt started again after the pill, they took it, OV'd and got pregnant!

i am worried i am not doing all i can to get my body started again.

does anyone think i should continue taking it...even if just for the placebo effect (ie, makes me relax and brings on AF?)
i am also worried about it interfering aswell though image

HELP! xxxx


  • haha - not MUM doctor....hve no idea what i was thinking there!
    i meant MY doctor!
  • i wouldn't take it, i've thought about taking it but figured it better and healthier not to! do you take Folic acid? xx
  • Sorry can't help at all as no idea but just laughed a lot at "mum" instead of "doctor" I very nearly called my senior at work "Dad" the other day and it reminded me of that :lol:
  • Hi LivvyS,

    I am on cd 66 I know what you are going through. I have been taking AC and evening primrose oil since cd 49. I know you should stop after ov, but like you I have no idea if/when that happens so I thought I would just go for it and keep taking them til af shows up!
    We are still bding but there's nothing quite like the worry of a missing af to kill labido!
    Since taking them, I haven't noticed much difference to be honest and when I saw your last post about the doc telling you not to take AC I got really worried and didn't take either today, just my pregnacare!
    So I haven't given you advice at all (sorry about that) I just thought I should say that it has made me think twice about it and I might stop taking it now!
    I know what you mean about placebo effect but I personally don't think it would trick my body...

    Im sorry if my post isn't much help, but sometimes its just nice to know other people are having the same thoughts! I hope your af shows up soon so you can get on with ttc,
  • hi spanglepants.
    thanks for the post. i have decided to take mine again (sorry for the contradicting posts!) i have thought about it and thought, well - if my AF doesnt come, then i cant realistically conceive anyway - unless i do ov test EVERY day, for, god knows how long and work out if, when i ov - or bd EVERY day and wear us both out and hope that i OV.
    i just want to get everything started again and will just see how this AC goes.
    rocky kiz....i am taking folic acid (included in the sanatogen mum-to-be vits)

    if anyone out there thinks i'm being stupid, please tell me! xx
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