Fluroescent Urine!

Hi Ladies,

Anyone else taking Pregnicare experiencing this? It is the brightest yellow ever.

Seriously I've never seen wee quite like it! lol

Just googled it and apparently this can happen when taking vitamins you don't really need. image


  • Hey,

    I'm taking Pregnacare but not noticed any difference though I remember reading a similar post not long ago though I think that was just folic acid not pregnacare...

    Surely even if your body doesn't actually need the vitamins it can't hurt to take them can it??
  • According to the pregnacare people it doesn't harm but I've read other stuff on the net to say it does.
    I've always been of the opinion that vit supplements don't do too much as you need to have a certain level of some vits to be able to process others.
  • i just take morrisions own folic acid, costs pence! i think varied diet is better than vits cause u need other essential things not in tabs.
  • hi,

    I had this aswell it would nearly glow in the dark image

    its too much vitatmin B6 which helps with LP but your body doesnt store it, so if you dont need what you've taken its just excreted through the kidneys. Not sure if it does any harm but i stopped taking mine just personally thought whats the point in overworking me kidneys if i dont need to. I was only taking a B complex supplement though, still taking folic acid but thats all.

  • Aaaah that makes sense, mine was like this for the first 12 weeks when I was being really careful to take folic acid or pregnacare every day. I just put it down to a wierd pregnancy symptom, glad you cleared that up for me lol!!

    Hope everyone is ok in here, just crashing to be nosy and see how everyone is!
  • Hey Miss I! Are you still going to aquanatal? I've been working on a monday recently but if I ever get there I shall be calling your BE name out in the changing room!!!! Read about your scan and gave Stewie a wave!
  • Glad (in the nicest way possible!) it's not just me with freaky wee!
    I'm thinking along the same lines as you Katyjo - no point putting stuff into my body if all its going to do is make it work harder.
    Sianyp I totally agree re having a varied diet. My diet isn't too bad as I try to mix up what I'm eating and we limit junk food to the weekends really. I try to use fresh stuff as much as possible (not easy when your doing a degree with a 5yr old in tow) and hardly ever by pre-packed stuff. I also buy mainly organic (result of studying Environmental Science!), gave up smoking over 12 months ago and drink 2-4 glasses wine each weekend (over fri,sat,sun).
    The only thing I don't eat really is meat - I'm not veggie but I don't buy it so only have it maybe 3 or 4 times a month max when eating out.
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