Charting BBT

Morning all!

Although on CD19 thought I better get into habit of charting BBT this morning. I did have a really weird dream though that it was about 48 degrees lol!

Anyway it turned out it was 36. Nothing to compare it against yet and CM still not anywhere near EW so def think my 28CD last month was everything settling down after pill.

What's everyone else's BBT normally around ovulation? X


  • Morning! I wouldn't worry too much about copmaring your BBT, but if you use Fertility Friend to chart each day, then you should be able to see a pattern emerging for your own body. Also, are you using a thermometer that has 2 decimal places? Just wondered as you had a whole number temp. image Good luck!
  • it has one decimal place so it was 36.0 this morning. How much does it normally fluctuate by at ovulation time (I suppose that's what I was really asking lol) x
  • Hiya, often there is a dip just before OV and then it will rise again just after. A two-decimal-place thermometer wold be better, as the flutuations are often VERY subtle. It's hard to comment fully as you've started charting midway in your cycle. If you go to and do the charting lessons, it might help you understand better (don't think I'm explaining it very well!!). xx
  • Thanks.....been on fertilityfriend now and following their tips....will investigate the 2 d.p. thermometer aswell. Thanks for the advice! x
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