Month 1 and driving myself mad!!

Hi ladies, how are we all doing? I'm on CD23 of our 1st month ttc baby no2 and I'm driving myself mad symptom spotting, I promised I wouldn't do it, this month at least :lol:. I'm not sure when I ov'd as I've only had 1 period since coming off the pill but according to my FF chart it was somewhere around CD11-CD16. Anway, I've had really sore (.)(.) for a while now, cramping, headaches and a bit of hearburn for a couple of days, which I got all of when I was pg with dd1 but I tested this morning and got a BFN :roll: God only knows when AF is due but I would imagine sometime in the next week or so, if no sign by Sat/Sun I think I might test again just to be sure. Fingers crossed I'm still in with a shot!!


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