Opinions on when i ov, please

Hi ladies, opinions neded please!
Well i tested on fri evening with opk and it was negative, temp was 36.0
Tested on sat lunchtime and it was positive, had ewcm, temp 35.8
Tested on sun lunhtime and it was negative, cm was thicker, temp was still 35.8
Mon temp has risen to 36.3.
We bd on sat nite/sun morn (2amish!lol
Do you think we bd at about the right time?
Sorry i just need some reasurance because this is the 1st 2ww ive had in many, many mths due to very long cycles and not knowing when ov was occuring!
Thanks for reading and i hope you all get your bfps ASAP, good luck Debs xxx


  • lol debs, sounds like me! not been temping tho, got neg sat, + sun morning, so bd'd sun afternoon, and wil 2nite aswell, - this morning, also a long cycle, but yes i would say u bd' at the perfect time image hope it done the trick good luck xxxx
  • Thank you mrs me and keri-anne!
    Weve been ttc our 6th for over 2 yrs and age isnt on my side!! xxx
  • your 6th! wow, supermum! hehe xxxx good luck! hope this is it! x
  • OMG how exciting !!!

    we could be going through to pregnancy together image

    sounds good, they will be plenty of swimmers chasing that egg, i got my +opk on fri so i think i OVed sat,

    good luck honey x
  • LOL, i just love being pregnant, giving birth and having all my family around me! My eldest 2 have left home (ds 25yrs, dd 22yrs) so i still have 3 at home, dd 14yrs, ds 9yrs and ds 3yrs. Im not a granny yet although that is possible as both the older two have been in stable relationships for a few yrs, maybe my daughter and i could be pregnant together! lol. I think im jumping ahead of myself a little. lmao. Are you ttc your 1st mrs me? xxx
  • Hey piggypops, that would be fab!! Fingers crossed for us then! I promised myself i wouldnt think anymore about it till the day before my AF was due but you and i both know how impossible that is!! lmao. Good luck hun. xxx
  • god tell me about it, i am only 2/3 DPO and already have POAS fever :lol:
  • LMAO. what are we like? I will probably be ok till i get to 6+ dpo then im sure i will start poas! Ive only got cheapy hpts as i wont get expensive ones until im certain im going to see a line! lol. I have already been googling 2ww symptoms! lol. God help me!
    Ooooh its all so exciting though! xx
  • I think you covered it. Your temps suggest you ov on fri night/sat morning so anytime just before up to 36 hours after sounds ideal.;-)
  • Hey hun.
    I just logged on to have a nose and see your name and had to say hi. I hope this is your month hun.
    Im exactly the same as ds number 4 is only 7 wks tomorrow and I want to be pregnant again I cant help myself!!!! Although i wont try till he is 1 as mine are all still very young the eldest is 7 lol.
    I will keep my fingers crossed and keep checking in on you take care
    Toyah xxxx
  • Thank you ladies, i knew i would get plenty of understanding and support on here!
    Hi Toyah, omg hes already 7wks!! I bet your loving every minute of being a new mum again!
    Wow i didnt know your children were all under 7, you certainly have your hands full then. Its so lovely being on here again and hearing from old ttc buddies! Thanks hun, i will keep you posted. xxx
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