[b]Updated... AF has arrived! Shouldn't be happy but I am!!!

Hi guys,

I finished my pill on the 13th Feb and haven't had an AF since I've been testing every other day I've taken 4 tests in total. Started reading information on ladies that haven't had periods for over 100 days after coming off the pill, and really started to panic. But this morning I noticed a small bleed and now it's properly here!!! YAY, I'm so happy because I can actually place my cycle and we can start trying properly!!!!

Does anyone know of a good ovulation calculator I can use?

Thanks for reading, baby dust to all of you

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************ up date on this ***************

Ok guys so now it's all stopped???? completely you'd never even know I have had a bleed? Came on this morning and now nothing at all, don't know what is going on now???? :\? :\?

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  • yay! not sure about the ov calculator tho! but its good u can start ttc properly now! good lukc xxxxxxx
  • Thank you *me* xxxx
  • Hi - not sure about ovulation calculators, but I'm a fan of BBT charting (see www.fertilityfriend.com for how-to, FAQs and an online tool) - will help you get to know your cycle. Temperatures will tell you when you've ovulated, recommends that you chart both temperature and cm (which is the other primary fertility sign of approaching ovulation). I don't get great levels of cm (tmi!) - so am thinking of using OPKs, but not sure yet.
    Bit of a ramble - hope that some of that is useful!
    EM xxx
  • I will have a look at that today! thanks Em xxx
  • Hi Susiee,

    Yes totally, it's nice to know everything is working as it should be. There is so much info out there that can make you panic as I've never been irregular so was so out of sync for me to be late.

    What a relief, how long have you been trying? xxx
  • It's such a reflief to get af after first cycle off the pill. I was so happy when mine came a few weeks ago.
    I would really recommend fertilityfriend.com. I don't temp but do track cm, cervix pos, etc. There is a small fee be totally worth it as it's very easy to use and a good place to keep track of everything. lol I could go on about it all day I think it's great!
  • Thanks mn88 I'll have a look on there too, love your pic!!! It's so exciting isn't it, to be able to actually plan things image xxx
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