feeling really sad

i just want to off load,my aunt is in hospital,she wasnt very well and my mom has just called me to tell me she has cancer on her lung and on her brain,its a repeat performance all over again,the first time we was trying for our DS my aunt (who was like my second mother) was put in to hospital,after millions off test and loads of things what came up what was wrong she was told she also had cancer,so they was a matter of urgency that i had to fall pregnant quick,i was hoping this would help my aunt get better,unfortunatly she went from been fit as a bean to passing away in 3 months,it was the most stressfull time ive ever had,the thing that breaks my heart the most was she never got to see my ds or play with him (my happist times i remember was been at my aunts and playing/making stuff and this was probably when i was about 7) and i know she would have loved the bones off him now it feels like its all happening again,this aunt dotes on my DS aswell,always plays with him,i just dont want to lose this aunt too,i was so happy yesterday as i finaly got a + on the ovulation stick
sorry this post is very depressing



  • Oh im so sorry about your aunts sarah, its terrible, i dont know what to say. Im here for a cyber shoulder to cry on and you can off load as much as you like, its what this site is for.
    BIG HUGS xxxxxxxxx
  • Ahh honey i am really sorry to hear this. Death and losing somebody so close to you can be so hard but think about it like this, she has had these tests they now know whats wrong with her and they can move forward now in helping her to get better.

    I know that you are worried you may lose her but this might not happen at all. My great grandad had cancer they gave him 8 months he lived three years!! You just need to stay as strong as you can and now that you will get through thisimage

    K xx
  • so sorry to hear about your aunts hun. Its so very unfair when things like this happen. Dont apologise for offloading, we are all here to listen. Take good care xx
  • So sweetie, so sorry to hear about your aunt. We are all here for you. My dad passsed away from cancer when my 2nd was only 5 months and I do wish he had, had more time with him and my 1st who was just 2 years. But I know that the time he did have was worth so much - I don't want to hijack your post, but Im sat here crying now - just thinking about it all.
    Don't feel bad about feeling sad at the moment - it's healthy to (my counsellor said so). take care and we are all here for you to chat to xx
  • So sorry to hear about your aunts hun, really hope you get a BFP soon and your aunt gets a chance to meet the little one. Sending lots of cyber hugs your way.
  • thank you ladies,feeling a little better,my mom is gonna phone me later to update me on whats going on,i know its hard to say things to people when theres sad news but thank you and taffygirl i hope you have stopped crying and feeling better
    thanks once again ladies

  • I'm so sorry - I just like to put things to the back of my mind and then sometimes it pops out! I hope that it's al ok for you and we are thinking of you and your family xx
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