HELP!!!! Could this possibly be implantation?

Hi ladies, well as you no i have just finished icsi/ivf treatment and i really need your help.

I egg my egg collection on Monday 28th April and i had my egg transfer on Weds 30th April which i think makes me 8 days past ovuation today??

Well since transfer my cm has been quite watery, yesterday lunch time i noticed when i wiped that there was a little bit of silvery pale brown cm / discharge, it was only there the once. Then yesterday about 6pm, i was watching tv when i felt maybe 7 or 8 mild pinching pains on my very low left side of abdomen. It was really wired, only lasted between 5-10 seconds and then went.
Then last night i was just about to go to bed and i felt really bad rumbling in my tummy and the urge to go to the toilet, anyway i just got into bed and ignored it, dont no if it was wind or not!!!

Today i feel my normal self but stil feel i have a little bit of wind in my tummy, i cant stop myself thinking if this could possibly of been implantation yesterday???
Has anyone ever had these symptoms and got there BFP?

Any replies would be great as im freaking out a little.
Love Karen. x x


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