negative tests but pregnant??

Sorry if this question has been asked before but my doctors rubbish so thought i'd ask you as you all know best.

I came off the pill in july. I have a period every 21 days.I had my last period on 15/12/09 and now nothing!!!
I have tried every test going and they all say negative image
so my question is-what could it be?? has there ever been anyone that has been pregnant but getting negative results??
I think i'm just hoping-i don't feel pregnant and have no real symptoms so........i just want some advice

thanks in advance



  • im not sure honey, have you been to the DRs or are you scared to go?

    it might be a shy bean?

    i hope so

  • i went about 2 weeks ago and she just said test in another week and we'll wait and see.
    all she ever says is we'll wait and see! how long am i suppose to wait-2/3 months??
    It's really annoying image
  • Hi Beks

    It can happen - you could be one of the rare ladies who have uber low HCG levels so the HPT's aren't picking your bean up yet.

    HCG levels are supposed to double up to 12 weeks before they then start to fall back - so I'd keep testing every 7 days at least. (I read this on Or make an appt for a blood test. If your Doctor won't do this, ask to see a different one? If you knew for certain you weren't pg - you could then at least get on with sorting out where AF is

    Hope this helps!

    (I'm now 7 days late with BFN's up to now - thought AF was coming but she's still not here)
  • That would be great if it was just playing hide and seek with me. Might make an appointment to see a different doctor.
  • it's now been 44!!!!! days since my last period started! i should be on my second missed period at the minute and nothing!!
    going to ring the doctors tomorrow and try and get an appointment for monday.
    Wish me look people! (and goodluck for you too chocolateteabag)
  • Good Luck Hon!

    I am off on my hols on Saturday for a week - won't be on BE until a week on Sunday (in case you wonder why I'm not around next week - I'm not ignoring you)

    Hoping you get a BFP- but if not - that Doc can give you some answers or start investigating.

    CTB (it's too long a name to type in full image

    I'm going skiing, still no sign of AF - havn't tested since Saturday - not sure if i'm going to test until after i get back as if I do get a BFP - I may chicken out of skiing (only my second time)
    I am totally sure AF will arrive as soon as I get on the slopes though - just my luck to have to carry tampons round with me everywhere!
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