Sound Promising Or Not!?

Hi ladies, hope you are all well image

I should be about 10DPO today and for the 4/5 days i have been getting bad dizziness, i have it when i'm standing and even when i'm sitting.
It feels like i'm really drunk or like i have been sat spinning on the waltzers for an hour constantly, its making me feel sick when i have it and nothing seems to help it.
Its making me feel really quite crappy image

Just wanted some views as to whether you would say this could be a good early pg sign or something else, e.g blood pressure problems!?

Thank you x emma x


  • hey chick it could very much be a preg symptom,loads of ladies have different types,i idnt have anything like that wheni was preg wth DS tho

    only other thing it could be medically that i know of is an inner ear problem as that puts your balance off but obviously we dont want it to be that lol

    good luck xxx
  • Could also be a virus but I had dizziness with my last pg, early like you - good luck! x
  • oooh hope it's a symptom for you! I've been feeling quite dizzy lately but I think it's probably tiredness/stress...something along those lines! Fingers crossed for a bfp for you! x
  • Thank you ladies image
    I have an appointment with the doc tomorrow just to get checked over to make sure its nothing bad cause its getting worse and makes me feel really sick when i get it.
    People have said its cause i get up too quickly but i get it at any time, even when im just sat there.
    Is a horrible feeling too.
    Am due AF any day between tomorrow and saturday, should officially be friday, but it never comes on time, usually early.
    Not had any cramps or signs as of yet, but am not going to test early this month, am having strong will power lol.
  • Hey Em_Lou

    hope u get on ok at the dr's and get that well deserved BFP....let us all kno how u get on?xxxxx
  • Hi there! Im getting the exact same thing with t.e dizzy spells
    and sickness. . Today i was so bad. . Even after lunch thought would feel better but came back on. Oh i do hope its good signs for US! X X
  • Hope You also get some good news Booey xxx
  • I shall let you know what the doc says ladies image
    Ohh booey im so much the same!
    I drink plenty of fluids and eat to make sure its not from that and it still stays with me!
    Had chippy today for lunch and not long after was real dizzy again.
    When are you due to test?
  • Im due to test again sat if witch don't got me before lol x X
  • Well ladies, today has almost passed and no AF only another 3 days to go lol seeing as the witch never shows up at the same time each month for me, am usually early so glad she hasnt come today, makes me feel a little more positive image

    The doctors said i have an inner ear infection, not really sure how he can say that without even checking me over.
    He told me i have a high temp also.
    Didnt mention anything about pregnancy so i didnt say anything, just mentioned we were trying when he gave me my medication for my ear infection and antibiotics for my throat infection.

    Hope we get our BFP this month ladies, good luck xxx
  • Hi Em_Lou
    This sounds like labyrinthitis - I had this a few years ago. They check your symptoms for this as it is a particular type of dizziness casuing nausea.

    When the GP checked me out he waved his finger back and forth past my eyes etc as the inner ear infection distorts your perception of balance which is what makes you dizzy.

    When I was diagnosed he said there had been a run of labyrinthitis in the area so perhaps your GP has the same and suspected it too?

    For me i left it too long to get seen (worried I was a hypo) and it got worse and I was signed off for 2 weeks. Stupid me!

    ANyway...teh good news is it goes and you'll feel good again. image

    Take it easy and be careful when bending over/sitting down too quickly as its easy to mis-judge it when you have an infection.

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