has anyone else.....?

hi girlies,

has anyone else put on quite alot of weight since ttc? i have! getong married soon! and ive put on like 6 pounds since ttc! i think its coz i see something and want to eat it, so i just think o well im ttc, so will be PG soon anyway so why not. r i might be PG so i will have it! o dear not long to go til i get married and i need to lose 6 pounds lol. just wondering if it was just me that has done this???? xxxx



  • definitely feel bloated but also had a big holiday and cut down on exercise so that could be it too
  • YES ! image

    I woud agree to that ... i am trying to not eat a lot as I dont want to get fat but thn say why bother if I'll b PG i'll already put weight :P
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