Anyone due to ov this weekend??

Hi girls, I know some people have mentioned about oving this weekend already but just wondered who else out there will be on my 2ww with me from next week??

Feeling positive for all of us that are oving this weekend. We have three days of uniterrupted time for plenty of bding!!

Bring it on!!



  • I'm not ovulating but wanted to wish you luck for lots of BDing this weekend and a BFP in June! It should be a lovely month as I'm getting married too image x
  • Hi day dreamer. Thanks. Congratulations on your wedding!! It's my 2nd anniversary on 3rd June and we had such a great time and wonderful weather. When are you getting married? I do hope that the weather holds out for you.

    I get so excited about weddings! I love them!! Got one to go to next weekend actually. My ideal job would be a wedding planner but I tend to blub at all the ones I go to so maybe not!!
  • iam hoping iam gonna ov' iam on cd18 and still nothing,feel like jumping up and down to get the little bugger to want to release :lol: but if i dont good luck to you,what cd are you on?

  • Hi sarah, I'm on CD10 today but my cycles are anything from 25 to 30 days. I've just started to use ov sticks and no sign of ov as yet but I think it's too early yet. Expecting it to be from tomorrow til Monday.....we'll see.

    Can you tell when you ov then? I can't..........
  • no i cant tell ither when i ov,wish i did would save me a fortune,same as you iam using ov' sticks,just bought some more the other day

  • This ttc stuff is very complicated!!

    Mrs Hopeful I'm getting married on the 14th June, 23 days to go! And waiting to test too, cd 24 atm! x

  • Hi day dreamer. Really hope you have a special day on 23rd June. I know everyone says it but just try to remember everything - it really does fly by! I can't remember half of my day already.......

    Maybe you'll have the opportunity to announce you are pg on the day.....fingers crossed!!

    Are you going for a church or civil ceremony? Whereabouts in the country is it? Sorry to be nosy - just love them!!

  • We're getting married on the 14th at Pendennis Castle in Cornwall and having the reception there too! I can't wait.

    I would love to find out I'm pregnant this weekend before OH goes away.

    How long have you been trying for? x
  • Sorry day dreamer!! Meant the 14th - just saw the 23 days to go!!

    Getting married in a castle!! That sounds fantastic!! I love Cornwall but haven't been for ages. Used to holiday in Tintagel loads.

    We've been 'uncareful' for about a year now but officially trying properly for the last three months or so. I thought that I would just fall pg really easily. Both my sisters were just 'uncareful' and one fell the first time she tried and the other after only a month or so!!!

    How about you? I went to a wedding at the beginning of this month and the groom announced that they were expecting in his speech. It was so lovely!!

    What honeymoon plans do you have? We went to Cuba and it was lovely!

  • We've been ttc for 4 months and like you I genuinely thought I'd be pregnant in the first month and get too big for my dress!

    My OH is going away with work straight after the wedding so we have a honeymoon booked for December. We're going to the Riviera Maya in Mexico, unless of course I get my BFP next week! x
  • Bummer that OH is going away after the wedding. Is he in the forces or just that he sometimes works away? I have quite a few friends who's oh's are in the forces so thought I'd ask.......

    Riviera Maya is supposed to be lovely. I haven't been but I did go to the other side of Mexico (Pacific Ocean side) about ten years ago and it was heaven. Really hope you enjoy it (or not if you get your BFP!).

    Are you due to test this weekend then??
  • OH is forces yes and goes on tour on Sat (back for the wedding!) so I am testing on Sat even though AF not due until Tue. x
  • Good luck for Saturday!! And for your wedding!!

    Hope OH's tour is not too long.......just thinking about the dates you've mentioned.....with it being May I know they take in for Iraq and Afghanistan at this time and home by October/November......if it's this, I wish both of you well and hope that you don't find it too tough while he's away.

  • Thanks Mrs H. He'll be back at the end of November which is going to be a tough start to married life but I know we'll be ok. I hope you get your BFP soon x
  • Hello i am due to iv tomorrow!
    Good luck with your wedding daydreamer, i got married 3 weeks ago in the Riviera Maya funnily enough!!

    Baby dust to all! xx
  • Dont think Ive oved yet! Was due to anytime really from fri to tues so still 2days left! Im so impatient cos it means testing will be farther away :L BD cd8, 11, 13 ( fell asleep last night doh!) and prob will tonight cd15 and tomorrow and poss tues also. Hopefully that will do it!
  • Think I ov'ed yesterday but was out for the evening and dh not in a fit state to last night :lol:, bd Tuesday and Friday and will tonight. Hopefully will have caught it - will let you all know. image

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  • Hi
    Im ov today.First month that i decided not to use ov sticks but got used to knowing and checking for ewcm.BD wed,thurs,fri was out last night so feel shattered today but need to go for it tonight!! Due to test around the 8th june if i can wait. 7th month TTC so hope its lucky 7! :\)

    annette xx

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