Feel so down

I have been feeling so down this month can't even be bothered to BD :roll:

I have no idea what CD i am (untill i look at this post at my ticker) :lol: Just got to the point of it isnt ment to happen. I am sure it will oneday but untill then i dont think i am going to stress anymore and defo no ss'ing image
I am going to just expect to get AF each month and if she doent come at anypoint then you never know.
I still really want a baby but just don't want to ttc anymore.
I feel so sad when i get to know ladys on here and there off having babys and i am still stuck checking CM :roll: I love seeing all the BFP posts just want to see mine soon. :\(

Sorry pointless post really.

:\( :cry: :\( Gem :\( :cry: :\(


Month 16 TTC #2


  • big hugs hun, gc from pregnancy but i know how you feel as i waited 17 months for bfp and it was a logn wait and very hard seeing bfp posts even though you are so happy for them, it will happen hun so keep your chin up, it will happen when you least expect it too....... x
  • Ah Gem it must be very very difficult on you especially seeing all the bfp's and some people don't even have to try. I have only been trying since july so can't possibly imagine how you are feeling but I'm sending ya love and hugs and hopefully an unexpected bean!! xxxx
  • Hey sweet i was just about to do a FAO for you!

    i sweet i am so sorry you are feeling bad i am sending you huge hugs x x x x ((((((((((((((((((HUGE HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))

    Are you taking pregnancare?? 100% think you should i took it work well for me.

    Babe i no you have prob heard this loads of times but it will happen you just need to get some PMA back sweet i no its hard and i no i was not trying as long as you babe but a little bit of SEX (not BDing) and PMA go along way.

    Have you tried the sperm meet eggs plan that what i did last month it worked for me i rea;y hope you get a BFP on xmas eve u 1-00% deserve it i really really hope you get it babe x x x image image

    Keep your chin up babe you can do it i no you can x x x x x x x x x x x x x
  • I know how you feel Gem but you have to believe it WILL happen. I couldn't continue if I didn't believe that it will happen for me one day.
  • image MJ u made me cry :lol:
    Last month we Just sex'd image everyday untill ov and after ov sex'd for 3 days following.
    Not taking prg'care taking asda own preg as cheaper but i never remember to take it everyday more everyother.
    just cant gather PMA going to get some OPK friday and will test then onwards and hope the witch doesnt get me. I am sure when i start to ov i will find some PMA but for the min i will let other lovely ladys on here have mine image

    REALLY REALLY happy you got your BFP MJ (((hugs)))
    I will NOT be far behind you hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi hun, so sorry you're down.

    It will happen, I'm sure of it.

    Maybe have a breather from the bding. We only bd'd night I got strong line on opk and morning after. And I've heard a few others have got bfps when they haven't bd'd a lot around ov either. maybe the little swimmers need a breather.. For me I'd say less bding as much r&r as poss and some zestica. It worked for me. And I'd go with MJ on the vits - remember them! Put them next to your toothbrush and take one every morning before you clean your teeth.

    Chin up hun, we're all here for you and I always keep an eye out for your posts.

  • Thank you Little T (((hugs))))

    Gems xx
  • I'm sorry your feeling down Gem, I really hope you get the BFP you so badly deserve this xmas. I'm on cycle 16, which I think you are too?? and I often get really down about it and will have cry to OH but i know when I do finally see that BFP it will have been SO worth every bloody moment.

    Sending you bucket loads of baby dust babe and hoping it's your month x
  • hey honey.
    i know its hard atm but unfortunately you have to have a good sob and a moan to us then suck it all in and keep trying!
    I have only been trying for 3 months now but every time AF gets me I drink a bottle of wine, eat a tub of ben and jerrys and then start the next month! I know its not in any self help guide but it works! till the next month! lol

    Come on babe ur made of tougher stuff than this and you're gonna have a xmas bean! come on my lovely!

    H xxx
  • sending big hugs hun,xxx
  • xxxxx come on girl xmas day hpt pact u and me xxx best pressie ever xxx
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