Is my husband too old?

Hi all

This is my first post on the forums so am very new to all this but thought maybe I could benefit from other people advice and experience? I am 35 and my husband is 53 and we have been trying for our first baby for 4 years now. We have had 2 miscarriages, the last one being last sunday and are both feeling really disheartened. I have read there there have been a couple of studies done by doctors that male sperm over the age of 50 can lead to miscarriages and also deformaties in babys. But on the same account I have been to many baby websites where couples have had healthy babies with the husband being in his 50's? I am very confused at the moment as do we try again or should we not risk it due to his age? (I cant believe that my doctor cant even help me with this).

really hoping that someone out there can help me with this as there seems to be no guidance out there for age and fertility in men

Leigh xxx


  • Sorry no idea but that just outrageous that youre doctor cant help you! Can you see a different doctor for a second opinion?
  • hiya i have read the same as you. men are still fertile for their whole lives apparently, just their sperm count is a little less, so you still have a good chance of getting pregnant, it will just take a while longer than someone maybe 10 yrs younger (without sounding rude of course) sorry to hear about your miscarriages, i hope everything works out for you. maybe try and get in touch with a different doctor so they can check both of your fertility rates? or the fertility clinic at your local hospital? maybe they could suggest something to help you get pregnant? i have heard preseed is excellent! maybe try this!?

    good luck!!! xxxxxx
  • like Jay 78 said get a second opinion. Try not to worry hun. Would of thought they could check his sperm. Sure it will be fine xx
  • why cant they test his sperm? there are a few things that can make sperm less effective, the morphology, the quantity and the motility. some issues can be sorted by a change in lifestyle. not all, but worth a go.
  • Hi
    My husband has just turned 49 and last June we had a baby girl, I am 29. We did have to have fertility treatment but this was due to my husband having the snip when in his previous marriage and the reversal not working. I caught on my first attempt at IVF and no one has ever told me or advised me not to have a baby. My daughter is perfect with no abnormalities and I had no problems with my pregnancy.
    I am really very sorry about your losses. I think it is completely up to you and your husband of you want to try again, do what you feel is right for you, but if it does make you feel better then definately see another doctor for some further advice.
    Me and my husband are just getting the money together for another round of IVF for a second child and the only thing he is worried about is going through the sleepless nights again at 50!
    Best of luck with whatever you decide .
    Rhian xx
  • hi all

    Thanks for your replies and advice. We both went through IVF about 4 years ago as his sperm count was low, but both cycles were unsuccessful and i also had this gut feeling that we could conceive naturally which we did! The studies on older male sperm indicate that older sperm when tested looks normal but its when it pregnates that the DNA and genetics may not pass on properly. the result is deformaties in babies as well as increase in autism. Although we are desperte for a baby i really dont think i can mother a disabled child. I will take your advice and get more tests done on my husbands sperm.

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