CD1, month 8

After feeling stupidly hopeful yesterday I came on at 6am this morning so its onto month 8 for me.

I can't believe its taking so long when so many other people fall in their first month :\(

6 months + ttcers, I'M STILL WITH YOU image



  • nnnoooooooooo ah piss sorry chick xx
  • image sorry ur still with us image i cant beelive how long its taking either, i thought u no, 2-3 months tops! wish i would of come off pill earlier. hope ur not too sad, dunno about u guys but its starting to feel like its never gonna happen for me image. xxxxxxx
  • oh yes mrs me it does feel like that at times,and after already having had a child i always thought ttc a 2nd would be a breeze but its actually a very common occurrence to be ttc for longer with consecutive children,the odds are quite high actually,tis scary stuff
  • Oh hunni i'm so sorry after being so positive yesterday ! Like Grudie says I've heard it can take a while for number 2, but I know thats no comfort. I know its easier said than done but try to keep your pma up, it will happen probably when you least expect it.

    Bring on the wine and chocolate !!

  • ah sorry goonie
  • Big hugs hon - on month 6 here too after falling first month last time we started trying... We'll get there!

    Hannah xx
  • ah hun that sucks! I know its no consolation but at least you can enjoy the weekend and have a few drinks...although i know which i would have preferred and youre probably thinking the same! xx
    CD1 is the worst part i think x
    The annoying thing is that i was watching jeremy kyle this morning (i know i know how sad am i) and there was a girl on there who had made a story up and told her boyfriend, who had split up with her recently, that she was pregnant and she even went as far as to tell him and his family that she had given birth. So of course when the blokes family went to the hospital to visit their supposed new grandchild the hospital had never heard of her! Turned out she had lied and made the whole thing up just to get back at him. Even on the show she had an attitude about it and didnt really seem to care. I was sat there in tears as i thought to myself thats just a horrid thing to do and to make matters worse she is actually now pregnant because they had UPSI once 11 weeks ago (although bigger fool him for going back there after what she did). I think its just sick when people make up stories like that and make me soooo angry that we all really really would love a baby but its just not happening at the moment!
    aaaaarrrgggghhh ok rant over sorry it just really got to me this morning.
    Anyway hun we've just got to think positive that it WILL happen for us one day xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Thanks girls.

    I try and think of every month as a new chance but it gets harder as time goes on.

    Mrs *me* what month are you on now? It will happen for you, our ds took 7 months and I had convinced myself we'd never ever have a baby by then. Awful really when it takes alot of people alot longer.

    Grudie I know you feel the same as you must have wanted a small ish age gap too. I just try to keep thinking what lovely big brothers our boys will make!

    Hannah you should join our 6 months + ttc thread, its lovely! Actually have you already?!

    Lampchop congrats again on your BFP, obviously I'm slightly jealous, please can you send us all some baby dust!

    Jay there are always such horrible trashy girls on Jeremy Kyle aren't there, I'm not suprised you found it frustrating. Why are they always the ones who fall pregnant from one night?!

    Fingers crossed for Due in March! xx
  • I replied on the thread too but wanted to give you a anyways...

  • yes chick your right our boys will make fab big brothers...Lennon keeps changng his mind what he wants lol im swaying him towards a sister :lol: 1 of each or just 2 kiddies and i'l be happy...infact im happy with 1 but would love another,its horrible trying to see how you feel about just having the 1 coz i dont want him to feel like he isnt enough for me....even though hes too young to understand lol

    im blethering now haha think il go get a nice cold cider image
  • oh nooo Goonie. And it all sounded so promising too. am so sorry youre on to cd 1 xxx
  • Sorry goonie..CD1 for me too today. I feel really good about July though - it is a lovely month to be trying with all the sunshine and everything blossoming all about. I came off the pill in Nov 09 so I am starting to feel the burden of all the moths of wondering.. however, this was our first month of working hard at it. I am going to try everything in my power next month, poor hubby won't know what hit him!
  • Grudie I feel the same, almost guilty for wanting another so much when we are already so lucky to have one perfect son. I am one of 3 and just desperately want him to have brothers or sisters.

    Thanks Samsa, I really hope you have better luck this month, not long to wait for you now.

    MrsEH we can be cycle buddies! I really hope we're all due BFP's in July x
  • Hi Goonie

    So sorry hun AF sucks big time!! if its any consolation I feel the same way too, getting nowhere and am really starting to feel so depressed about TTC and everything, I feel when I do get lucky enough to get pregnant that something will jinx it (awful I know) but have not had the greatest experience when it comes to TTC.

    Hopefully we will all get BFP's before long and look back and wonder why we got so stressed out!!

    Its our first and I am nearly 31 and just really really want this so much hun, wish mother nature would hurry her arse up!!

  • OOh I'd love a cycle buddy - someone to stop me obssessing about POAS! We're off on our very belated honeymoon on the 10th July so will have something to occupy my mind in the 2ww.. will still have the internet and BE to occupy me though..
  • Congratulations, when did you get married? And where are you off to?

    We went on our honeymoon 6 months after we got married as hubby went to Iraq 5 days after the wedding!
  • Oops i got edited for saying a*rse he he

  • SD I feel bad for moaning when you've had such a horrible few months with all the ups and downs!

    I really hope July is lucky, I think March babies would be lovely!

    Who edited your post, the web editors? I've seen ALOT worse on here! x
  • Dont be daft hun, we are all in the same boat image

    Yeah they must have he he

  • We got married on Oct 3rd so what nearly 10 months later?! We're off to South West France for 14 glorious days... am determined to stay off the pate and cheese just in case! We had a minimoon just after the wedding, but I am a teacher and hubby works at a University so we had to wait for the Summer hols really..
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