Just joined Weight watchers online!!

hi girls

as you may know i'm having a mth off as changing jobs soon, so have been trying to distract myself and focus on other things!

signed up to WW this morning on line! need to lose some weight and all previous effors to go it alone have failed!! it seems really great, online food diary, millions of recipies, chat room and loads more!!!

so heres to WW!!! oh and if you need to know points value for anything just let me know lol!!!! image


  • i was gonna join agers ago but i saw the price and thought different :lol: but just out of curiosity how many points is half a tin of custard with a banana :lol: iam trying to do the ryvita challange,as you can tell its not going down well! hope you have lots off sucess

  • Banana is 1 1/2 points and custard 150g low fat is 2points and normal is 3pts!

    Good luck danipink - I have lost 2stone so far with WW meetings and have 5Ibs to go to goal!!


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