How do you know your Ovulating?

..............other than using an ovulation test thingy?

I really dont want to go down the lines of temping and testing until we have given it 6 months or so but are there any other ways of knowing your ovulating?

I read somewhere on here about a pain? How do you know what to look out for?

I have had irregular cycles - last one was 49 days I think and the one before that was 33 I think so god knows when I am meant to ovulate! I put my period dates into MyMonthlyCycles and it says I have an average cycle of 42 days so so I take the dates they give me on there as gospel?

Grrrr why is all this so confusing?! I promised myself and Hubbie we wouldnt get tooooo obsessed over TTC! Any help much appreciated!


  • some women feel ov and some can tell by changes in cervical mucus. My body gives me no clues whatsoever, so I test or I wouldn't know. if you don't test you could just follow the SMEP (sperm meets egg plan). someone on here prob can tell you where it is online or google it. if you're not testing ov I think you'd BD every other day cd8 to cd35.
  • I never really noticed until we started ttc but I do get slight cramps (my tests back up that it's ov) usually on my right side. They feel like AF cramps and could easily be ignored, other than that though I don't have any signs, my cm doesn't change really.
    The best way if you aren't testing is to do what gems said and BD every other day for as long as you both can!
    Good luck xx
  • I promised my dh I wouldn't get obsessed ...failed miserably and i starteded sing opks this week lol. Weve been trying for 4 months and i was really relieved to get a smiley as i had been on the pill for over 10 years. My ov pains seem to occur a few days before ov altho as i said, its only the first month of using them.
  • Thanks girls...what are opks?
  • an OPK is an Ovulation Predictor Kit hun... x
  • i didn't look at mucus, or the position of the cervix etc... or chart temps.

    i noticed cramps at about CD13/14 and did an OPK to confirm and it came back positive - thats how i knew i was ovulating
  • can you ovulate without your period?
  • i get EWCM when i ovulate (egg white cervical mucus) which i know a lot of people do. its basically clear whiteish discharge which is sort of stretchy and looks a bit like egg white (sorry if far too much information!) i do OPKs too and they back up that this is when i ovulate x
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