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Gonadatrophin stimulation, no periods


This is my first post and I'm really after some advice.

I've been off the pill now for just over a year and my periods haven't started at all. I've been to see a private gynaecologist and after numerous tests there is no clear reason why I'm not having periods according to him. I've tried everything from agnus castus, giving up caffiene, pills, potions and even trying to gain some weight! But to no avail. I've now been referred to a fertility clinic for gonadatrophin stimulation which is apparently where I have to inject myself in my stomach every day to bring on ovulation. It doesn't sound particularly pleasant and is v expensive but I'm willing to try anything.

Has anyone experienced this and can advise me what it's like?

LOL - please help!


  • hi sorry no experience with this but good look and hope it works for you hun keep us informed sammy xxxx
  • Hi MrsJM

    I, like you, have had no periods since coming off the pill in January. I have an appointment to go and see the gynaecologist at the hospital on 21 Sept, so i'll just have to wait and see.

    Heather x
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