My cycle started on decenber 16, then on the 15th of january it lasts for 5 days and i have a 30 day cycle i spotted on the 30th of january for a couple hours only when wiped could that have been ovulation spotting???if i had unprotected sex on January 13th,16th,18th, 22nd,27th.30th,and February 3rd could i be pregnant???


  • It's a tricky one but the onlyway to find out is to do a test. Should be positive now if it's a BFP. Fingers crossed for you and sticky babydust. Filo x
  • Wish you all the best.

    I am having a bit of an issue at the minute - i had unprotected sex on the 30th jan and was due on on the 3rd feb and still have no af, 15 days late now and 6 negative pregnancy tests, its so upsetting. Even if i'm not pregnant i dont know whether trying is gona have any effect as i dont know if i can ovulate again till i have had my af, can you just miss an af and then start ovulating normally the next month?? anyone know?

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