really really need some advice

after having my daughter i had milk come out my boobs for about 2 years after. I havent had any for a couple of years how ever hard is squezzedas she is now 4 and half. I just squeezed and theres milk coming out? wtf????


  • hiii ...

    Ohhh i have just been told about this hormone issue ... I think its called prolactine hormone. They are usually high in pregnant women or who are breastfeeding. Thats why there will be milk in the boobs :P

    When you have high level it could cause infertility.

    A friend of mine didn't concieve for 3 months and went to the Dr. She had high level ... she was given a pill to lower it the following month she got pregnant.
  • should i book the doctors then? very strange!

    Look at the site they have more info about it ...
  • i have read up on this but it says that your periods are very likely to stop if i have high hormones :S i had AF on the 22nd march???
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