argh ...whats going on???

hi again ladies (post no2 in ttc now!!)

altho i'm not offically with u yet, i will be next month,; but i need some help, following my ewcm post a few weeks back....having been trying to keep an eye on my cycles first month, 32 days, second month 31 +ewcm day 18, 3rd month 33days +ewcm day 21, but now this month ...its all gone crazy....i've hjad ewcm in 3 separate occasions (like a week apart) and now i'm currently on day 37!!!! i know i'm not pregnant as we're still using condoms but i'm so confused by it all, and why when my cycles were semi regumar did it have to throw a wobbler in, wish i cld go back to my old 28 day cycle.....can anyone shed some light on this for me please? just when i thought i had it sort of sussed ready for next month it goes weird lol.

thanks in advance



  • Mother nature is such a bitch! I have a 24 day cycle and ov on day 10 I think so I try to BD every other day between days 6 and 14.
    I have often proclaimed that the reason I fall so quick (3 pregnancies within 2 cycles + several emc in my early 20s whilst using the cap) is that we don't actually BD much! Seriously! We did it loads when first ttc no3 (sadly mc at 11 weeks at Xmas so ttc again now) and the second month we only BD days 6,8 and 10 and that was enough!!
  • thanks for the reply seraphina, i have absolutely no idea when we shld bd next cycle now, had ben planning to strat as soon as ewcm, but don't think i can rely on that, we don't do the 'deed' particulalry often at th mo, finding the time and energy is a factor with a 9.5month old lol. sorry to hear about ur mc, hope u get a sticky BFP very soon. xx
  • HI Siany,

    Saw this and just had to reply as we too have a 9.5 month old and will be trying next month - therefore know exactly what you mean about finding the time!

    Our plan is to fit in BD'ing as and when dd is asleep every other day from about cd10.

    Sorry I can't be any help on your cycles as who knows what mother nature has in store for any of us!

    Good luck xxx
  • hi again well i'm now cd41!!!!!!!! i have no idea where AF has got to, i hope she hurries up soon so we can start offically ttc. xx
  • well cd45 today so i POAS, and its a BFN...have no idea whats keeping AF at bay, ??? wish af wld hurry up so we cld start ttc!!!!! xxx
  • urgh cant offer any help but i totally know what you mean about getting all ready to ttc and then Mother Nature messing us up.

    I hope it all gets sorted out soon,

    x x x
  • thanks homefairy, well sods law no more than five hours after poas AF shows up lol!!! i really think she was just teasing me!
    well here goes then girls, i'm now officially on cd1 of our first month ttc! we're officially ttc now! yeh! xxx
  • I LOVE your PMA!!!

    Urgh-evil AF, at least you can enjoy hot baths right now which might also help you if you are poorly.

    x x x x
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