I dont know whats wrong with me...

:cry: Im feeling so down, not sure why, the only thing i can think is its killer pms and im going to have one hell of a af on saturday.....i just feel all doom and gloom and cant cheer up!!!! xxx :cry:


  • here hun have some PMA ***** (I.W.A.P. sprinkles PMA over woomummy)

    remember its not over until she rears her ugly head. hope you are feeling better soon x
  • oh hun i'm so sorry you are down image

    am trying to think of things to be happy about - the only one i can think of at the minute is that it is summer wooohoo! (anyone else???)

    here is some PMA xxxxxxxxxx
  • Thanks girlies....im hoping il wake up in a better mood 2morrow, am working friday and saturday so at least if she comes il be busy!! xxxxx
  • Sorry you're down hun. I am having real high and low days since the mc too. Do something nice - have a bath, glass of wine and read a book or something.
    Hope you feel better tomor. xx
  • Here Kim, have some PMA! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I had loads given to me yesterday as I felt really down too as you know. But today my awol pma came back, so now seem to have lots spare!

    I dont know why I feel so good today, but Im not complaining! Really hope the witch stays well away from us both this month. Dont give up, its not over yet! xxxx


  • Hey bb4 thanks, do u have a padlock with that?!? I really thought she was coming early today, but its all gone know...argh i havent a clue what my body is doing!!! Have decided il test monday morning...thats if she doesnt show at the wkend though!!!

    Hey baby b, no-one warns u how up and down u can be after a mc do they..i know the fact im due my af isnt helping my mood...i know when it starts it going to re-open old wounds that i would prefer to bury image xxx
  • Yes, it comes in an airtight box with a huge chain and lock. ;\)

    I will be testing on the Tuesday mornig. Im impatient to test, but dreading it at the same time. Cant back out tho as Im poas buddy with MrsRichardson and beanz. image I dont even have any tests in, so will have to go and get some ready at the weekend. Im leaving it 'till then incase af shows up in the meantime! I dont think it would help my mood if I knew there were unused tests sitting there while I was having af! :evil:

    ((((big hugs hunny)))), really hope your mood lifts very soon. xxx


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