Can someone help!!! (TMI)

Right, here goes.

Last af 31st May 08. Next af due 27th June. I normally have very regular af, every 28 days.

I have had really bad af pains for about 3 days now, and I mean bad! Monday night I went to the loo before bed and when I wiped there was definately a streak of pink on the loo roll. Not much, but it was definately there and I could see it. Probably the size of a 5p.
Didnt see anything all day Tuesday so thought nothing of it.
Went to the loo last night and the same thing happened. A streak of pink on the loo roll but this time it was a little bit darker. I thought that my period was coming due to the bad af pains so (TMI) I put a tampon in expecting it to be red this morning when I took it out but there is nothing on it except a bit of brown.
I feel quite queasy but I have a sore throat and Im not sure If its that making me feel queasy.

Has anyone experienced anything like this or have any idea what it could be?

I dont want to do a test as we have been trying for a baby for nearly three years and there are only so many BFN a person can take.



  • Hi babymonkey, I had a bit of pinkybrown cm a few days ago. I am also feeling nauseous and had a sore throat and general cold like symptoms yesterday (gone today). Im due to test next Tuesday.

    Do you usually get spotting b4 af, or straight to full flow?
    What you are describing could be implantation bleed and pains as thats meant to be a pinky colour, and after 3 yrs I really hope that it is! You sooo deserve it!

    Unfortunately there is no way of telling for sure until you miss a period and test. Fingers crossed hun!!! xxxx

  • With my af it is normally red and full flow every 28 days for about 4 days then tails off brown.
    I just dont want to build my hopes up and then af does turn up full flow.
    I have low back ache which I normally get with af but I have also had some really bad af pains over the last few days which I dont normally get.
    My sore throat started yesterday and I still have it today. Its the kind that makes you want to heave if you know what I mean so im not sure if its that making me queasy.

    Talk about lol
  • hi firls im in my 2ww. only by a few days though. i also have period pains and i dont normaly at this time. trouble is i was bleeding during ovulation because of coming off the pill (i think). but thats stopped after three days and then i had a thick brown cm in my underwear. the last two nights i have been going to bed with period pains but mostly in my left side, also felt sicky yesterday whilst at work. like both of you i also have a sore throat and cold like symptoms, which is annopying as iv just been through a horrible cold.

    trouble is i think im just symptom spotting and i really dont want to get my hopes up as its only my first month ttc and i was bleeding so im nearly certain i will have my af : (

    good luck girlies i hope its a bfp for you all x
  • Ive just come to expect af every month.
    Im going to be soooo shocked if I do get a BFP!!!!!

    I have learnt not to symptom spot, that is why im so surprised by this pink cm. Ive not had this before, not even with my other pregnancies. It is something totally different.
  • Well, this pink cm could be a good sign hun, but I can totally understand you not wanting to get your hopes up. Its just a waiting game Im afraid! :roll: Im not even sure If af is due on the tues, just assuming that my cycle has gone back to normal after the mc! :\?

    PMA for all of us, we will not give up hope untl af shows! (that means you too Joanna!) xx

  • I guess only time will tell for all of us hun.

    Good luck for you all to. Fingers crossed all round.

    A friend of my partner and his wife had problems conceiving. They found out about this place where you send them a strand of your hair and they tell you what the problem is. They found out it was his problem as he worked with metal and had way to much iron in his blood. He had to go on medication for 9 months and then they were told to try again and they conceived straight away. Their baby was born in march this yr.
    My partner is getting some more info of this place today from his mate. Will let you all know what its all about later.
  • Oh I really hope that this is implantation. Ive not told OH as i dont want to build his hopes up so at the moment I feel like I am dealing with this on my own. Its so frustrating. Thank god you lot are on here to keep me sane lol
  • Babymonkey - I hope its a good sign for you!

  • I really want to test but I dont have any in the house, im worried its to early and I just dont want to see BFN AGAIN!!!
  • I might go and buy a tesco one later to test tomorrow morning. It will only be 1 day early then.
  • Still no sign of af. Maybe it wasnt af last night?
  • maybe just test so you know where you are? Will be keeping fingers crossed for you babymonkey!
  • maybe just test so you know where you are? Will be keeping fingers crossed for you babymonkey!
  • oooh good luck babymonkey, keep us posted hope its good news for you xx

  • Oooh yes! Test tomorrow! :lol: It sounds really promising for you, so do it!! (sez she who is determined NOT to test early! :lol: )

    Wishing you soooo much luck hun, xxx

  • Well, I forgot to buy a test today so probably wont be testing in the morning.
    Still no af. The pink cm has gone so I dont know whats going on.
  • Lets hope it's a good sign. Keep us posted, sending lots of PMA & baby dust to you xx
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