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hello everyone

i know this is going to sound stupid but when is the best cd to ttc and i don't know how to check for cm. :\? i am just getting really fustrated. we have been ttc since november. and i feel like everyonw around me is pg or just had a baby. i am happy for everyone on here but i am sad that i am not pg now. i have been going to this web site and they are suppose to tell you when you are ov and the keep track of you periods and all that but i really this they have no idea what the h!@# they are talking about. i have been really emotional for the ast 3 days. :cry: af is suppose to be here on feb 5th so i hope it just skips me and doesn't come back for 9 months. I have a really hard times around babies. i work at a daycare and sometimes i have to sub in the baby room and when i come home after that i just cry and cry my oh tells me not to worry about it and when it is our time it will happen but sometimes i feel like we will never have another baby. :roll: well sorry for my rant and thank you everyone i could not do this with out you all. if and one knows when the best cd to ttc i would greatly aprecate it and how to check of cm. thank you everyone
xxxxx pma xxxxx


  • A rough reply sorry is you ov 14 days before next af is due, so if 28 day cycle, day 14 you'd ov, so lots of us on here would say if your not too sure this is a start, but I dont know how long your cycle is, and I also being new to this found monitoring cm this month was best, you just look everytime you wipe when you go to toilet, and when it clear and sticky/stretchy your most fertile.

    Hope this helps for now... Im sure others will help too. x
  • Hi Amber, (hugs for you),

    I've been using since October to see if my cycles were a normal length after coming off the pill. I've found it really useful, but you have to remember it gives you an average of your data.

    My first cycles were 23 and 24 days, then 27 so it works on an average cycle of 25 days. This cycle I worked things out in more detail as it is our first month ttc and am pretty sure of the day I ovulated, and hopefully af will arrive (well, hopefully she'll stay away for the next 9 months!) on 7th feb. If that's right then I'll know when I'm due to ovulate next month.

    It's a very difficult process trying to work out what days are most important, but you normally OV between days 10 and 16 of your cycle - if you have a 28 day cycle.

  • i just want to tell you guys thank you i really mean it all of this stuff is just so confusing thanks
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