Woomummy is back!!!!

Hey girlies, as the title states im back for good woohoo!!! Am on day 18 of a 27-34 cycle!!! Have been a poorly girl the past wk (great timing...ov wk!!!) was admitted to hospital with suspected viral meningits, thankfully after a couple of days observation and antibiotics it wasnt, but a bit scary all the same!!! Been left really weak and generally feeling crap and now hubbie and kiddies r coming down with it poor things!! So no baby making this month unless hubbies men have been hanging out for 7 days, which after 12months off tcc and bding ALL the time im doubting it!!! So onto month 13 i say, feel nice and calm about it....for the first time i ever ive finally been able to do what everyone says.....RELAX about it....!!!! Easier said than done i know!!! Anyways a big hello to anyone i havent met....from what i can see lots of pple have been graduating, so babydust to everyone....go on roll in it u know u wana!!!! kim xxxxxx

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  • welcome back woomummy - hope you feel better soon x
  • Hey Kim, it's lovely to see you back.

    Hope you and the family are feeling better soon and you can get back to bd'ing lol

    Good luck hunny and lots of babydust xxx


  • wish i could say i've missed u but as i speak to you most days its unlikely!!!!!!!

    Good to have you back woo just missing the 3rd musketeer now image
  • hi kim welcome back, sorry you've been so poorly but glad your feeling much more relaxed. I've been rolling round in sb's baby dust but i wonder if a double coating will be evem more lucky and sticky!!
  • Hey girlies thanks for ur msgs, have missed u guys and its great to be back and able to chat with u all!!!! I know lilac im like a bad smell cant get rid of me, but hey ho lol!!! Girlinleeds hows things been 4 u last time we spoke u where off to the docs for bloods etc to check for pg, hope ur ok hun xxxxxxx
  • Hi woomummy and welcome back, sorry to hear youve had a tough time of it lately, hope you are feeling 100% very soon. xx
  • Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

    OMG - someone else I know on here - I only just popped back too!!!!

    Good luck hun! I hope to be trying with the rest of you soon! Fingers crossed with my gyne (PRIVATE - at last) appointment, I'll have a better idea of when I can start trying properly - with eggs and everything....lol!!!

    HUUUUUGGGGG - good to have you back - we must chat soon!!!!

  • WOW mwb!!! What great news!!! I know all the oldies have upped and left us for the pg forum, naughty girls!!! Glad things r finally starting to move hunny, we bloody started this journey 2gether so hopefully it comes to an end for us pretty soon!!!! Let me know how it goes on thursday!!!!! Big hug for u to.....god it feels like ive come back to my family lol!!!!!! kim xxxxxxxx
  • hi welcome back woomummy, sorry to hear you've not been well. good luck x hope you get ur bfp soon x
  • I know - it's like a little reunion....lol!!!

    Only 2 sleeps - then I'll let you know what happens!!!

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