FaO grudie

For some reason my phone changed your name to grundie!
And it won't let me edit the post grrrrrr!

Are u back ttc?


  • oh an FAO image

    Yeah chick were back to ttc but a lot more relaxed this time,hubby got his finger out after i slapped him about a bit lol :lol: well i wished i had haha

    why you asking chick? how are you?
  • I'm good. Feel a bit sad as I don't seem to recognise anyone here anymore. And ladybird is about to drop and I remember her here!
    Even though back then I was a lurker and never posted!
    Maybe if we bring back Fridays dirty topic, cheer us up!

    Hope you get ur bfp soon image

  • Oh yeah, we can't ttc as I have pre cancer cells on my cervix, waiting 7 weeks for results then waiting for an op to remove them so I'm probably put for the next 3 cycles as least!

    I wish I could turn off ttc feelings but it's impossible. It's been a year now, and pol I know are having babies, conceived in the time we have been trying! Grrr! Xxxx
  • yeah i no ladybird is over due by about 10 days now,shes getting really pissed baby isnt here yet and then theres erialc and SIL who have had thier babies aleady,scary isnt it

    lol at fridays dirty topic,we had some great laughes eh lol im not sure if we started it agin people would join in hhmmmm lol

    thats ashame with pre-cancer cells chick,how you feeling about it,keeping positive i hope? and then another 3 cycles out of it even worse when as you say everything is about having a baby,it is very hard to switch somthing off when you want it so much eh,maybe good to still keep talking about it,even if it is just to us,and start imagining when you get that illusive BFP image
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