Ovulation question...?

Do any of you get OV symptoms?

Last month I had sore nipples a good couple of weeks before AF appeared, the pain lasted into AF but then vanished. Well today I've noticed that they're a wee bit sore again (nothing on what they were last month, not yet anyway) and I'm starting to wonder if this may be an OV symptom for me???

If my last cycle was anything to go by then I wouldn't be due another AF for roughly 4 weeks (last cycle was 46 days) so surely this is too early for OV. Having said this my cycles have been shortening (yay) and my last cycle was a week shorter than the one before it so maybe this cycle could be shorter again.

Only recently have my cycles started to regulate so I'm just coming to terms with monitoring symptoms and stuff. Just interested to know if any of you get OV symptoms...?



  • hi tinkerbell - i dont really get sre boobs or nips ever, not for OV or AF, so thats no sign for me. My signs for OV are: pain in one side of tummy, mood swings, headaches and EWCM.
    i would say that yours could be ov symptoms too though, as everyone is different.
    how long are your cycles normally? x
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