Bought an exercise bike - the PCOS battle is on!

As my GP is being a right poo face and won't sort me out I have done LOADS of reading on PCOS and seems that exercise is the best way to try to tackle it. (along with diet so I am on a low GI plan at the moment)
I am not overweight at all, (in fact with stress of recent mc I have lost almost a stone and am now tettering on underweight so need to eat more) but studies show that it can still help increase insulin sensitivity and hopefully get cycles more regular.
I am so desperate anything is worth a try if it helps me ov.
So went to Argos this morning and bought an exercise bike!!! Am going to try to go on it for the whole of Eastenders - 4 times a week!

Am feeling v motivated. Just hope it works. Wish me luck! xxx


  • gl hope it goes well for you keep that motivation thats the gl
  • good luck baby b. Hope it helps!! It will certainly make you feel very virtuos! (sp??)
  • Hi BabyB, good luck with the exercise bike. It's good you have found something you can do yourself to help as doctors are so slow at doing anything, aren't they? Hope you don't mind me asking but how did you get diagnosed with pcos? I think I may have some symptoms of it - acne, no af for 6 months etc. but not sure if or how doctor would investigate this further. Hope it all works out for you. xx
  • i have pcos and i was trying for a year for a baby then we went for test which the gp refered up to then i had my 1st test which was an internal scan and they said theres your problem pcos and i was releasing an egg and i got pg so other than that i dont know sorry
  • So they won't check for it 'til the year is up then? Seems silly to me that we have to wait for so long before even finding out if we've got a problem. Glad you got pg in the end though emmajane and sorry for hijacking your thread BabyB! x
  • lol not to sure but if you have a felling you have it you can ask your gp but for a healthy couple its a year but then after 35 years old its 6 months i think they check it out but i'm hoping for baby no:3 (lol trying for it) but only been trying for a week lol
  • Manicmiz - I actually haven't been officially diagnosed.

    As we haven't been ttc for that long the gp is being a pain about doing anything. But I am 99% sure I have it. My identical twin has it which means it is almost certain I have it. (also my aunt had it and my grandmother has type 2 diabetes which pcos can lead to)
    Had loads of symptoms before I went on the pill - v irregular af's, excess hair, dark patches etc. Have only been off pill for 3 months and actually managed to conceive first cycle off, but unfortunately I miscarried which was heartbreaking. I am convinced pcos may have caused the mc. Since coming off pill my excess hair has kicked in again. I did ov but only on cd 35 which is v late. Am now worried I may not ov again now the hormone imbalances seem to have really kicked in. Think I was just lucky when I first came off pill that body hadn't gone nuts yet. And if I do manage to get pg I am terrified of mc-ing again.

    I am going to gp again on tues to demand blood tests. I doubt they will do anything to treat it until we have been ttc for year but they can't really refuse to diagnose it at least.
    Once I have official diagnosed I will probably go private for treatment. My sister had metformin so I want that.

    Will let you know how it goes on Tues. My last few trips to gp about it have been disastrous so I'm hoping I am wearing her down and she will eventually realise I won't give up and will back down!!!

  • Sorry to hear of your loss, BabyB. It must make it all a lot harder for you. Can't believe your gp is not taking more notice of your family history etc. Surely PCOS should be diagnosed and treated regardless of how long you have been ttc? It's horrible when all your pre-pill problems come back isn't it - my skin is awful now and I feel miserable just looking in the mirror to be honest. Let me know how it goes. Have you tried taking oh with you? I thought I might try that 'cos it might show we're really serious plus he's a bit more assertive than me! Good luck - hope you get some answers soon. M xx
  • I would love oh to come with me. But with the mc he took loads of time off work to come with me for scans etc then and he now feels he shouldn't really take more time off work for a while or they are going to get fed up with him.

    I am just going to make a long list of my symptoms, questions etc and refuse to leave until she agrees to at least test me! This is going to be the 4th time I have asked so I am hoping I am wearing her down...!!!
  • Sorry, double post. x

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  • Hi Baby B
    I like you had all syptoms of PCOS after coming off the pill (did not suffer before going on the pill).
    Very irregular periods, weight gain, lots of spots, some excess hair. Had loads of blood tests and finally sent to hospital where consultant told me what I already thought and booked me in for a scan that I was to wait 3 months for. Oh & I had been trying for a baby for just over a year so I was getting v v upset & frustrated. Oh had sperm motility checked & he was fine so it was def me. Anyway I was put on Metformin in the meantime a diabetes drug, to control my insulin and to help me lose weight. Anyway I lost 10lbs through pills, diet & exercise and oh & i layed off the baby making as much.
    And then a few weeks later I was complaining that my boobs were on fire so I thought af was coming finally when oh asked "could you be pregnant". After I finished laughing I agreed to do a test at the weekend as i thought there was no way I could be as we hardly had sex, but i was wrong and there was a bfp, so I made sure with 4 more test over the next 2 days!!! Turns out we conceived on our wedding anniversary on a trip to London!
    So what I just want to say is harrass your gp - maybe ask about metformin. And keep up with the diet & exercise, I'm sure it helped me! I now have a happy & healthy 5 month old girl, and the other good news (which I heard could happen) is that after being pregnant it can kick start your hormones into touch and since birth I've had regular periods about every 30 days, so I hope that carries on!
    All the best to you and Good Luck xx
  • It's lovely to hear a positive story ccbmommy, thank you. Good luck BabyB - don't take no for an answer! x
  • Thanks for your post cbbmommy. Great to hear it can be done!

    Metformin's what I really want as that's what my twin had and it got her cycle sorted immediately. So makes sense for me to start with that really. If I knew of somewhere v v decent to get it from I would buy it myself but am too scared to get it off internet in case I get sent something dodgy.

    Am going to just focus on getting somewhere with the diagnosis at my appotinment on Tues as think my gp is getting really annoyed with me constantly pestering her for Met (which she is adamant she can't prescribe herself) Once I have the diagnosis then we might go private for the treatment if no one will help us.

  • Hi hun!
    Fingers crossed for ya - but don't over do it too much exercise as it can make your hormones go a little bit strange - read that somewhere - you may wanna google that!
    But I wish you all the best hun!
    Baby dust to you!
  • Very informative thread.

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