8dpo...anyone else getting any symptoms

well im into the 1ww now and just wondering if anyone else around the same time as me is getting any pg symtoms?

Yesterday i was getting aches in my lower tummy, mainly to my right side kinda like the ones you get before AF arrives! Also been feeling really tired and my boobs have been hurting on occasions bt e shall see how it goes! Im also getting creamy cm and have had this since ov'in so im hoping they are all good signs but im trying not to hope too much....



  • all sounds good hunny, i was due af on thursday and no sign yet, im testing on monday as its my birthday!
    good luck and keep us posted....i have sore boobies too!
  • The signs do look good but try not to take them as definitely +ve. i had these plus more last month and AF arrived 8 days late image Don't forget AF and PG symptoms are very similar. I really hope it is a BFP for both of you tho xx
  • 8 days late??? wtf?

    oh well now iv lost all hope of getting my bfp on monday as knowing my body itll be the same.
  • melissa86 - don't lose your PMA - everyone is different and they could be good symptoms for you xx I am keeping my fingers crossed xx
  • good luck everyone, hope you get your bfp's
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