Another ttc q for all you experts!!!

I haven't a clue about most fertile times and stuff coz with my last three I got pregnant at the drop of a hat lol. My AF was due last Friday and we got jiggy a few days before (two or three I think) AF hasn't showed but tests are negative.

Basically I want to know when the most fertile times are is it before or after af


  • Approximately 14 days after day 1 of your period,assuming your cycle is 28 days long.
  • It depends on the length of your cycle. If you have an average 28 day cycle then you should ov around day 14. xx
  • You're most fertile 12-18 days before your AF. The length of time between ovulating and AF always stays more or less the same (maybe 1 day out occasionally) and for almost everyone ovulation happens 12-16 days before AF. But getting jiggy a few days before ovulation can work (you don't have to just do it on the day of ovulation, the sperm can live a couple of days inside you). So if you know what length your cycle normally is then do the good thing alot around 2 weeks before your due and you'll hopefully catch it!
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