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I think I am becoming obsessed

and this is only month 1! lol!

Last night I dreamt I was pregnant, well, had lots of very obvious symptoms. Then I woke up (in the dream) and realised I was dreaming but still had a lot of the same symptoms.

I was most disappointed when I really woke up this morning!!


  • I had a few dreams last month were i was pregnant or taking tests that came up positive in my dreams. This was all around the time i was hoping i'd get a BFP and had a few pregnancy symptoms that were turned out to be nothing in the end
  • I think our bodies are evil! lol!
  • Dreaming about dreaming? wow that's confusing! Yes it all gets a bit much and we do tend to obsess. I'm trying to calm down and think about it a bit less for the moment, fortunately as my cycles are getting shorter each month I never have time to symptom spot, let alone do a pg test!

    Were you on the pill before or are you cycles already regular? xx
  • I was on the pill for almost 10 years, then came off in September after our honeymoon. They're trying to regulate themselves I think, 23, 24, 27 days - will find out (maybe) next week what this one is.

    It doesn't help being a lady of leisure, so having no job to focus on etc image
  • Gosh you sound exactly like me gypsy, I too came off in September and mine are moving in the opposite direction to yours. I'm also a lady of leisure at the moment, although might be starting back to work soon (which is sure to bring on a bfp!) It does mean that this site is often calling out and you have all the time in the world to poas and obsess. Does beg the question as to why my house is still less than perfect and the hoovering really needs doing whilst I am chatting away on here...oh well, will do it this afternoon!
    I really hope you don't get to find out what this cycle is and get a bfp next week xx
  • Oooh, spooky - the house being less than perfect etc!!!

    Aren't cycles weird? I shall be a lady of leisure till May so have ages to obsess, which I know isn't good for me. Thing is, I'd be fine if I weren't getting all these odd twinges and feelings.

    Thanks - sprinkling babydust all round for everyone image
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