Hi again!

Just wanted to say "hi" to all of you on the ttc forum.

I am back to ttc again as I had a miscarriage nearly 4 weeks ago......still feeling a bit sad but I am ready to try again (have already been trying for a couple of weeks actually and I think I have ovulated)......

So, I guess there are lots of new members....looking forward to hanging out in cyber space with you over the coming months....(hopefully not too many months!)....

Frankie x


  • Hi Frankie,sorry to hear about your loss,but welcome back. Hopefully you'll get your BFP very soon.x
  • Welcome back hun, sorry to here about your miscarriage ! sounds like your holding up ok, lets hope you get your BFP again v soon !
  • Good luck hun, we're in the same boat by the sounds of it. x x
  • Welcome back, so sorry to hear about your miscarriage but pleased that you feel ready to try again, hope it doesn't take too long. Good luck.xx
  • Welcome back, hope you get a BFP soon xxx
  • Hi Frankie,

    I just replied to your post on the MC forum. I have been back in the ttc section since my mc, although not ov'd yet so not really properly able to ttc! My cycles are crazy anyway so no idea when - or even if - I will ov. But trying to keep the PMA up.

    Let's hope both of our stays back here are short. xx
  • welcome back (although i wish we were both still in dec forum obviously)
    my AF came exactly 4 weeks after D&C so i hope your cycles come back soon or even better that you get a sticky BFP soon image
    good luck hun xxx
  • Hi hon, welcome back....really sorry for your loss. I too am back after having had a mmc about 6 weeks ago. Not sure if i have ov yet, haven't had af yet so just have to wait n see. Good luck with ttc and i hope we all get our BFP's really soon. xxx
  • Hi Frankie, welcome back hun. Hope your stay here is very short ;\)

    good luck hun xxx


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